A Trip Down Memory Lane With Cassie

Now that I have almost all of the Cassie’s are comfortable in their new homes, I wanted to do a photo journal/compilation of her journey from start to finish.

Cassie is very dear to me not only because of her unusual pear shape and rotund bottom. But because I started her as a way to help me through the greiving process after losing a son to teen suicide.

Cassie was a god send and exactly what I needed. Though my very first doll to be produced, she practically sculpted herself and seeing her emerge from a mere lump of clay made me smile everytime she was in my hands.

I can’t say “Thank you ” enough to those that brought this very special girl home 🙂


The first order for Cassie was in “Winter Blush” our very own custom color. This color is limited to 30 dolls. Due to Chinese New Year and the factory closing for a month during the holiday I cut her production short, to 10 dolls so I could get them here and out to customers without waiting too long.

I will have the other 20 dolls produced at a later date.

As well I hope to do a preorder for her in a bit darker color, “Desert Sand” which is a very light tan.

So enough chatter for now, I hope you enjoy the photo journey








2 thoughts on “A Trip Down Memory Lane With Cassie”

  1. Hello Rhonda. I just wanted to say how beautiful Cassie is and how I cannot wait to see her in Desert Sand. You are such a talent and I look forward to seeing what else comes out CreamSoda!

    1. Thanks so much Shaira! I think she’ll be equally great in a darker resin 🙂 My second doll Lily should be making an appearance in resin shortly.
      Very excited about her too, keep an eye out


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