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1.  Q:  How long will I have to wait to receive the BJD I just ordered? 

A:  This depends on if you are ordering an in stock or pre-order item.

I usually receive pre-order dolls from the factory aproximately 60-90 days after pre-order is finished.  Due to the fluctuating volume of orders the factory getst each month, it is impossible to know exactly how long it will take to produce the dolls and get them shipped to me.

If you have ordered a doll with custom clothing or a face up it will generally be an extra 1-3 weeks before your doll is shipped to you.

If you ordered a blank doll or an in stock doll or other items it/they will be shipped out to you within 2 business days.


2.  Q.  Do you offer layaway? 
A. We are very happy to offer our customers an easy layaway payment plan.

We generally offer layaways in 2 or 3 equal parts with the first part being paid on ordering and the remaining payments being once a month until complete.

We can set up either automatic or manual payments.

Layaways do not include shipping. A separate shipping invoice will be sent when your doll is ready to be shipped out.

We can also make special arrangements,  just contact us before placing your order.


3.  Q.  What happens if I cancel my layaway or preorder? 
A.  Preorders and layaways are considered final sales.  You make a deposit, we hold the merchandise or order the merchandise specifically for you and we pay in full for it.  If you cancel your preorder or layaway, you will lose all money already paid. NO EXCEPTIONS


4. Q.  What happens if I forget to make a layaway payment?
A.    If the Paypal invoice isn’t paid within a week, we will send you a reminder.  If there is no response after 15 days, we will considered the transaction null and void and cancel your layaway or preorder.  You will forfeit any money already paid.


5.  Q.  How do I know that you got my order? 
A.  You will be taken to a thank you page after successfully submitting an order.  You will also receive a paypal payment email.


6. Q. Will you give me updates on my dolls progress?

A.  When I get progress updates from the factory or face-up artists on your dolls journey I will post on Facebook, as well as on my site. I will send emails also


7.  Q.  How do I know that you got my order? 

A.  You will receive a confirmation of your order via email within a few minutes of successfully submitting an order.  We will also send you a receipt in the mail if you preorder or layaway an order. If you order something that is in stock, we will get back to you either with a note in your Paypal invoice (if you chose that payment method) or with an email (if you specified a credit card for payment) giving you the status (that everything is in stock or what is out of stock) and the shipping charges.


8. Q.  What if I have a question about my order?

A. Just send me an email. I am always happy to answer any questions  email: sales@creamsodabjd.com


9.  Q.  Are all items on the web site in stock?

A.  No..but all items will be noted as either in stock or pre-order


10. Q.  Will my BJD face up look exactly like the photo of the doll on the web site? 

A.  Very close but each doll is hand painted by an artist. Because we are not machines there may be slight differences but we do our best to get it as close as possible


11. Q.  What if I move before my preorder ships….how do I notify you of a change of address? 

A.  We ship to confirmed Paypal addresses, so if you move please update your Paypal information and let us know


12. Q.  Do you have different resin colors for your dolls?

A.  Yes we sure do.  These are the ones we currently use and we’re working on a couple of new ones as well.

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