As featured in Pretty Toys magazine – March/April 2016 Issue 34

It was our great honor and joy to find that Pretty Toys magazine featured our ‘Silent Souls’ series of dolls in their recent March-April 2016 Issue 34, in both the Russian and English versions of the magazine!

Here are scanned pages from the English version article, there is also a downloadable PDF excerpt below:

Article text:

Silent Souls
by Rhonda Ingram-Calhoun

“As Canadian born self taught doll artist, I picked up some clay 8 years ago and taught myself to sculpt through a lot of trial and even more error, I love being able to bring something to life out of a simple lump of clay, and every time I see a little soul finally peering through it’s a magic moment. My roots come from the creation of Ball Jointed Dolls and now this new line of dolls I call “Silent Souls.” Each of these one of a kind dolls is made on a very poseable soft body with head, chest plate, hands and feet sculpted from stone clay.

Cassie was my first BJD sculpt and was designed from my list of all the things I wanted to see in a doll. Cassie’s chubby pear shape, rotund bottom and heavy thighs add to the very special character of this doll. Her sculpt was finished off with Elven ears, fingers and toes as well as optional hooved legs. Cassie was sold in a limited edition of 20 dolls worldwide.

Lily was my second BJD sculpt. She is very poseable with 19 points of articulation and the first BJD I know of to have sculpted on panties. Lily’s adorable smile tends to make you wonder what mischief she’s been up to. Lily was sold in a limited edition of 30 dolls Worldwide.

Lacey was another journey in bringing to life what I wanted in a doll. Poseability is very important to me so I set out to make a doll that would be a joy to play with and pose naturally for photography. With 21 points of articulation the possibilities are endless. When I was sculpting Lacey I had visions of her being painted as an old discarded attic toy, so she called for an antique brass key which hangs from her neck and fits an ornate keyhole sculpted into her back. Lacey has many personalities and every time I sit down to paint I see a new one emerge.”

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