Ball Jointed Doll

WOOHOO! My first attempt at a BJD. The torso is finished, next the chest. No celebration ceremonies yet though 🙂  I have sponged up as much info on BJD’s as I can find and it is a long process requiring just the proper fit and balance. I am quite sure I am in for alot of trial and error and will most likely end up with a heaping pile of odd body parts but am up to the challenge.

UPDATE: Yep the body parts are building up, I can still see out though, so far anyway. I have been a bit slow with the new pictures but will get that looked after in the next few days. After stringing the arms, I have decided that i should have used a heavier elastic, so I did go to a 2mm elastic for the legs which seems to be much better. The hands are done now just the feet and the head.
Wish me luck!