Cassie Artist OOAK Fullset #2-SOLD

( Cassie has been adopted) Thanks everyone!

I was able to get a second and last OOAK Cassie artist fullset.

Cassie is my own sculpt produced in a very limited number, the resin is the beautiful custom “Winter Blush” tone from which only 10 dolls were cast.

This girl is Artist OOAK # 2, and # 10/30 of all Cassies which will ever be produced. A rare treasure!

Every aspect of Cassie has been lovingly made, with the utmost attention to detail. Her arms, torso, and legs have extra joints to make her very posable. 🙂

Her wig was made with Angora goat hair, carefully dyed and multi tonal. The fibers were felted and styled into a soft cap and then put onto a custom hard cap for the finishing touches.

Because of the way I make these wigs, you can expect to see some shedding. The wig can not be washed or brushed. Simple styling with damp fingers is all this will ever need.

The doll joints are sueded with pliver (thin leather) making her hold a pose wonderfully.

Cassie has been adopted and resides in a wonderful multi-Cassie home 🙂 

Cassie is a fullset doll and comes with:

  • OOAK artist faceup by CreamSoda
  • OOAK embellished cotton dress
  • Tea dyed bloomers with lace trim
  • Custom dyed mohair wig made especially for Cassie
  • Vintage style shoes by Dollheart
  • Certificate of authenticity with artwork by mjusi
  • Special padded satin doll bag
  • Eyes as shown in pictures



  • Head circumferance: 9″ – 23cm
  • Height: 22″ – 56cm – SD size
  • Bust: 8.25″ – 21cm
  • Under bust: 7″ – 18cm
  • Waist: (around belly) 11″ – 28cm
  • Hip: (widest point) 15″ – 38cm
  • Thigh: 7″ – 18cm
  • Shoulder width incl arms: 4.25″ – 11cm
  • Arm length: 7.25″ – 18.5cm
  • Foot: 6.5cm long, 3cm wide

She will wear a 8-9 factory wig and 14mm eyes.