Cassie Preorder update

Sample dolls of Cassie will be shipping to me from the factory this week

When she arrives I'll do a faceup and photos. 

She should be ready to start a preorder on about Nov 1st


I plan to offer Cassie with a few different options (pricing from $699.99 to $800.00)





* Blank with human legs only

* Blank with human and hooved legs

* Facedup with human legs

* Facedup with both sets of legs


All dolls will come with eyes, certificate of authenticity with original artwork of Cassie by the very talented Mjusi,
padded shipping bag, doll box, shipping box


I am also offering a layaway plan of 3 equal payments placed over 3 months


***A gift of a custom designed outfit will be given
to those that pay for thier doll/s in full at preorder 


Cassie will be limited to 30 dolls for this order with only 25 being sold at preorder.

(I may offer her at a later date in a different resin color)

I will be customizing the other 5 dolls for sale at a later time as artist fullsets.


I will also be taking a month after the doll samples arrive to design and sew some outfits for Cassie that will always be available on my site.

I will post the link to the preorder page and faceup pictures when they are ready

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all that have been following Cassie's progress you make this incredible journey even more special

Biggest of Dolly HUGS,


Cassie : Sculpting / Work-in-progress (the story so far!)

 (Part 1)
Hi all,

I was lucky enough to spend the past few months in Mexico, where I was able to find a wonderful little creative space on the beach. This is where my new little wood elf Cassie unveiled herself to me.

She is on her way to being whole, and I have found a love in sculpting through her.

I am working now on drafting her a body, which is going to be a bit unusual, yet suiting to this wonderful little creature.

Although I have just arrived back in Canada, over the next few months I'll plan on re-filling my suitcases with clay and other dolly goodies, and then return to the beach in February to finish Cassie, and if all goes well, will possibly do a second sculpt! (either SD or Yo-SD size).

I'm sorry I haven't been posting as often lately, but promise to post new updates as I have them from now on! 🙂

Since our e-store here on the website is a bit of disarray right now, I'll be posting some goodies on eBay very soon.



Cassie Wood Elf – BJD Sculpt – Work In Progress – Part 2

April 26, 2012

Well here I am, I never made it back to Mexico, but instead moved my house and studio. Everything is settled now, though I did leave alot of sculpting tools and clay in Mexico — thinking I was returning there right away to get back to work on Cassie.

I have since found that some of the best tools are homemade ones, and Cassie is once again on her way to being whole.

I have her body drafted and start today to sculpt. I'll be shaping a styrene core and sculpting over that in paperclay. I sculpted Cassie's head in polymer clay because it's easy to work detail into and holds its shape well.

After sculpting the head I found myself with no oven or way to bake/cure the clay conventionally. So, for any of you that have ever wondered about boiling polymer clay, I can attest it works wonderfully! At first I panicked, because now I had this fragile sculpt that I was very happy with, threatening to squish if I dared try to transport it back to Canada in it's raw state.  I was armed with a one burner hotplate and a small enamel pot, so off I went into the front street that was comprised of flattened stone and huge craters…mostly craters, to find the perfect sized stone for the bottom of my pot.

I eventually found a couple under the guiding light of my cell phone, because I usually choose the oddest times to do things.

After adding enough water to cover the sculpt as it sat atop the stone, I cranked the heat up to bring it to a gentle boil for 15 minutes and then left the head in the water til it cooled, checking it periodically to make sure it hadn't slid from it's perch.

Once cooled I removed the head, happy to find it solid as a rock, no cracks …perfectly cured and no fumes!  All of my future polymer sculpts will be boiled. YAY!

Oh yes……I recommend NOT doing anything as crazy as this without first testing on just an old lump of scrap clay 🙂



May 14/2012

Cassie has had me all to herself the past couple weeks and we are making wonderful headway.

Phew am I glad she practically sculpts herself cause I have no idea what I'm doing LOL!

The rough body sculpt is finished, and over the weekend I will work on detailing her upper torso and fleshing out her arms, as well making shoulder joints and elbows so I can string her upper body.

I'm anxious see her start to come to life :)



Part 3

Cassie Wood Elf – BJD Sculpt by Rhonda/CreamSoda BJD – Work In Progress

Hi all,

Well here we are, soon to be a year since Cassie began to emerge from her lump of clay.

I have been so busy with faceups and fullsets this past year that Cassie has been getting little bits and pieces of time when I could find them.

Since my last update for May/2012, I have made her breasts smaller and done some refining in the upper torso and done a lot of adding, carving and sanding to her belly.

I wanted this extra joint for Cassie, it’s been quite a bit of extra work, doing and re-doing to get it working right and smoothly. By the end of the day I am usually covered head to toe in white clay dust.

Cassie’s rather rotund bottom sits atop sturdy thigh joints which I am so far very pleased with. They have wonderful mobility and these along with the 2 torso joints are going to give this girl such life…..I can hardly wait to play with her!!

The next undertaking will be the rough work for the elbows and knees
Thus far I am planning 19 points of movement, a cute little outie belly button and feet with 4 toes.

EEeeee, so excitingggg!

This girly makes me want to sculpt 24/7


Cassie got her start in Mexico and I think she really likes it down there so I have booked us tickets and we’re packing the bikinis.
Well she is…I don't quite fit into mine anymore LOL.

So after the first week in November I will have regular progress updates
(I promise)

So check back often to watch her evolve.

PS. Cassie is my first BJD sculpt and really I am pretty much winging it with Cassie’s guidance. So feel free to make comments and suggestions if you like.
If you see me using a butter knife when I should be using a screw driver, not to worry ….it happens lots in my studio 🙂

Updated pics here:



Part 4

Well Hello There, Hola, here I am still kickin' and enjoying the sun and sand in Mexico again!

My agenda is sculpt, sculpt,sculpt.

When I was here last I started work on Cassie (SD) as well as 3 other sculpts and put them all away in a dark, rather large box for the trip back to Canada where they sat for some time with the exception of Cassie coming out for a little one on one time when I could get to her.

Once back in my studio my days were packed with faceups and full sets for some great customers, but no time to sculpt.

With my sanding needing to be done outside there is no possibility of that happening in the frigid Alberta winter so my husband packed me and the girls up and sent us on our way for a six month stay. How great is that! Yep, I know what you're thinking right now….but I'm pretty sure there is only one of him out there and he's all mine 🙂

He loves the dolls as much as I do and is anxious to see the girls all come together. It's so exciting to see them little by little gain their individual personalities.

I arrived about 3 weeks ago found a wonderful little casita in the midst of a ton of banana trees, an amazing creative workspace. I knew right away it would be where the girls would come to life!

Next on the list was an internet connection….hmmm not the easiest task without Spanish beyond asking for the washroom LOL.

I was able to find a vendor on the beach that volunteered to take me by the shop and be my translator, YAY!

We got that task done and the crew of 2 arrived 10 days later in the dark armed with ladders and tools to wire my little place. Me being used to how things are done in Canada was surprised to see them ready to work late in the evening and they quickly had the wires laid and just like that I was online about an hour later. Who knew.

The next important thing was a work table, which I needed made for me the right size to fit through the door so I could wheel it inside off the terrace at night. Well I tell ya my Charades and Pictionary came in very handy when I found a little carpenteria. For $120 my table was built and delivered 10 days later, I'm sure 10 must be the magic number down here.

Very sturdy and well made I couldn't be happier with the new table. Excited I promptly loaded up the table with all my goodies, and thought to myself….
"ok now let's see if my measurements were right and this will fit through the door"

That's when I realized that the castors didn't rotate and they were on facing the wrong direction, haha my Pictionary skills weren't that good after all. Come to think of it , I usually lost badly at that game.

Soooo, I unloaded the table, called a friend with a screwdriver, the problem was quickly remedied and the maiden voyage was successful….woohooo it fit through the door.

The weekly artwalk was that evening so off I went to mingle and celebrate my victory!
While scoping all the beautiful wares from talented artists of the area I happened to notice a box full of the cutest little puppies wanting to be adopted.

I can imagine you already know how that story ended 🙂

Yep, you guessed right, a 6 week bundle of mischief came home with me and he was named "Raza"

The little guy is learning English and I am working on my Spanish, I can tell you he is learning much faster than I am

We take frequent play breaks and he is happy to curl up on my feet when I work, the perfect relationship. It makes me miss my husband, he likes to do the same thing 🙂

Now that I have everything I needed, including Raz it's back to work.

Cassie has had her torso revised a bit with girl parts added and a cute "outsie" belly button. After much working and reworking I got the basic double jointed elbow joints done for her right arm and her hands almost finished.

The left arm and joint should be done tomorrow so I can do a test stringing on her torso, I can hardly wait!
Today I also messed around with her feet and got the basic shape done with 4 cute toes. "Don't toes usually come in fives?" you may ask.

Cassie tells me that it's much easier to hop from toadstool to toadstool if you have rather large big toes, I'll just have to take her word on that one.

I added more shape to the legs too, sculpting and carving until I was happy with them and then held my breath and closed my eyes while I cut them apart at the knee. No blood either…I mean mine. Raz was keeping a close eye out.

I plan to have new posts on Cassie every few days now that things are in full swing with her being finished in a few weeks. After the major sculpting is done I still have a lot of refining, joint testing and sand, sand, sanding to do.

I hope to see you back soon!




Part 5

Well here we are again.

I spent most of the past week fixing imperfections and working on hands and feet, almost finished.

The elbow joints are working well though I might make them a tad bigger.

I fixed her butt, making it larger so she sits properly.

The knee joints need to be refined and I may just redesign them completely, at this point they are a bit kicky

The wrists need a bit more work as well for better posing.
Today I fixed a crack that was making it's way up the seam in one of the lower leg pieces and enlarged the neck ball a bit

I also reworked her upper torso for better posture and balance (after the photos)

Work is done for the day and it was PLAYTIME with Cassie…YAY!

Tomorrow will bring more sanding to the head and face along with any adjustments there.
Also more work on the wrists, ankles and finish the feet

After this weekend I should have another progress update for you ….STAY TUNED




Part 6

Well here I am again 🙂

Still in Mexico for 1…2…3…4…5 more days, eeek time flies!

I spent the past two weeks helping out in a dental office after getting a frantic call because the regular assistant was sick.
Well, I've never been a dental assistant before but I HAVE used all the same tools in the making of Cassie so I was up for the task!

I had a lot of fun and met some great people from all over so it was a wonderful experience if you don't count the time I passed out and fell down the stairs during a surgery, LOL.

Anyways I was glad to get back to Cassie and made quite a bit of progress in the last 2 days with her.
I realized when she was sitting her posture was not so good so I overhauled all 3 parts of her torso a bit.

It made me think of grandma who always tried to drill into me …"chest out, shoulders back"!

Next I reworked her knee joints so that her regular lower legs and elfie feet could be interchanged with the Kaye Wiggs "Nelly" lower legs and cloven feet.

No reason really except that I have always loved hooved feet of all types and I happened to have some….YAY me!
I may even spend some extra time and sculpt a pair of her own hooved legs, can never have too many girls with hooves I say 🙂

I also added a ball joint to both wrists (after the pictures) for more range of movement, I want Cassie to be very expressive in her posing. I am really happy with her thigh and torso joints so far, she's a joy to play with. I have to remind myself that we can't have a play break more than a few times a day or I'll never get anything done!

Now it's time to rework the elbows because I'm not quite happy with those yet. Then it's coming down to the small refinements and final sandings, inside and out and priming.

She is getting close! I already have an idea for a dress design for her.




Part 7

Well here I am , I’m sure some of you wondering if I expired in the heat of Mexico.

Nope…..I got back to Canada at the end of March (mental note….March is too early)

An update for Cassie is far overdue so here we go.

I have been making a ton of small adjustments and one or two big ones

I found after a test stringing that Cassie was pretty well balanced except for her being a bit “butt” heavy. She on occasion wanted to tip backward.

These are the kinds of problems I don’t mind….the easy to fix ones. I grabbed my dust mask and goggles, started up the tools and with dust flying I went to lightening the “load” on the inside of Cassie’s butt.

I opened the inner well more, taking out excess clay…PRESTO….SOLVED

I made small adjustments to her bust as well as changing up her elbows a tiny bit, though I'm not sure they're perfect yet.

HMMM….. What elsssse?
OH YES, grrrr, how could I forget that?

Well it hasn’t been all roses and without mishap, LOL

Admittedly, I have a side that is very impatient, though after spending more than a year sculpting a dolly who would have guessed? HAHA

I had been dying to get a temporary faceup on Cassie just for a peek of what she might look like with some color in her cheeks, not to mention I was getting a bit bored of looking at grey primer.

Soooooo….I added a final coat of primer to her head, then 2 coats of white primer, then 3 coats of a flesh tone acrylic paint….good huh??
Ohhh, forgot to add I painted all those layers in, ummm…. about an hour.

NOT so good.

I picked up her head and all the layers shifted under my fingers making a giant mess and then I made it even worse when I started to take it off with remover. I made an ucky, sticky, gooey mess that took about 2 days to clean off and sand down to the raw clay again.

EWWWW…guess I learned my lesson. At least til the next time

OK, then I carefully did it all again, and painted her fleshy again. Not only Can I be impatient but also stubborn.

Cassie looked great with her temp. faceup and it gave me a chance to see all the detail in a different light. I noticed a few tiny spots that needed slight adjustment.
So I got what I needed from the experiment and sanded her face again and once again she was in primer.

Image by CreamSoda BJD


The next big change came a bit further down at the knees. I had struggled from the beginning with the decision of …single or double jointed???

Well I finally made the decision and went single jointed. I went this way mostly because… I LOVE HOOVES!

I really want Cassie to have hooves, even if I don’t end up reproducing her with them, I wanted to sculpt her with some. Maybe because I hadn’t sculpted hooved legs before?? I love a challenge and the chance to give it a try …I couldn’t resist!

The rough sculpt for the lower legs and hooves turned out better than I expected , first try and I just have to adjust a bit to clean them up a little
Knock on wood.

Image by CreamSoda BJD Image by CreamSoda BJD



Today I stopped to do a test stringing for the hooved legs to see where I needed at make changes, AND I need to get some play time in too!

Image by CreamSoda BJD Image by CreamSoda BJD Image by CreamSoda BJD Image by CreamSoda BJD




Part 8

Today I redid Cassie's wrist joints so they have more mobility. Expressive hands and the best possible posing are pretty important to me.

I also added a bit of clay to the shoulder joints.

Now that her whole torso is pretty much finished except for a little more sanding and priming I decided to stop for a few hours to play and get some pictures of her mobility so far.

ANY excuse for playtime is a good one I say 🙂

It's exciting to see Cassie as almost a completed doll now rather than a pile of miscellaneous parts and pieces.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and soon Cassie, my very first completed doll will be a resin reality.

I say, "first completed doll", because I have 3 others that were started a couple years ago even before Cassie was and I never got around to finishing them with other projects and "life" in general taking me away. Soon they will be back out of their boxes and on my studio worktable again.

So here she is, Cassie posing for the camera lens again….she loves to be in the spotlight….and I love to take pictures of her.




Part 9

Hiyas all,

There were a few Cassie fans anxious to see her with a faceup.

Here she is with a quick, temporary one just to give an idea of her potential. I have to admit it's nice to see her in something other than , grey….grey…and oh, more grey.

If you look at the primer in differing shades of light it's more exciting ….really 🙂

Haha, anyways, now that we have had a quick preview, her head will be getting a sanding and a couple more coats of primer then it's ready to be sent away.

I have made the decision to make Cassie's elbows double jointed. After much deliberation……actually it was more me being afraid to cut off the existing single jointed ones that worked perfectly fine. What if the new ones sucked?? Then I would just have to make them back to the way they were…..uhhgggg.

I gave myself a little talking to….

"Really you can't wreck the doll, just add more clay and change what you don't like, easy peezy…silly girl"

OK normally I don't talk to myself…..well Ok maybe I do, I just don't admit it  LOL


Anywayyys, I have one arm almost done and I am soooo glad I made the change! Cassie was a great poser before but now  she is even more fun!

See ya in a couple days with another update and THANKS for stopping by….HUGS!

Cassie's Temporary faceup Cassie's temp faceup#2




Part 10

The time is getting close for Cassie to get packed up to travel to Asia to be mold and cast.

I spent some time with her today to do some final pictures of her with her new double jointed elbows, which I am very happy with.  For now we are still seeing her in in primer and acrylics for her temporary faceup.

Cassie, being my first completed master doll,  has taught me a lot and it has been an amazing journey.

This special girl came straight from my heart and I hope you all have enjoyed the trip as much as I have. Everyone around me, her followers and friends have all made it possible to see her to completion and we love all of you.

I will keep everyone updated over the next few weeks as things come together and resin color samples and sample dolls come from the factory.

I have had a very talented friend offer to make custom crafted wooden boxes for Cassie and will be posting pictures of those too as I get prototypes.

See you soon!






Jun 27 2013

First of all a quick note to let Cassie's fans know her priming is all finished and I'll be carefully packing up all 23 pieces of her for her journey to China. I hope to have sample resin dolls in hand about the end of July or mid August.

Cassie 23 parts ready to go


Chantel Souldoll Zenith OOAK fullset

This very special one of a kind set is sure to WOW!


Souldoll Zenith Chantel is double jointed in white resin with a factory faceup. That's where the "normal" stops


I have removed her factory eyelashes and given her new ones, thicker with more shape and a hint of silver glitter, just right for the party.

Chantel's gown was custom made in a beautiful black with just the right amount of shine and stacks of ruffles in all the right places.


It fits like a glove and is professionally finished zipping up in the back for easy dressing.


Her lacy undergarments(bra and panties) are also included in this set, as well as her high heel feet and shoes (no flat feet)


I spent most of the week sculpting Chantel's masquerade mask especially for her. The 3 top pieces are wired and movable if you prefer them in a different position.

The mask was sculpted from paper clay, painted, sealed and decorated with vintage and antique goodies from natural stone beads to a single antique aurora borealis crystal.

To finish it off I have added very thin suede to points on the inside to protect the dolls faceup and added ribbon ties for attaching it to her head.


The ebony wig has been styled and sewn as it is.

A sparkling antique rhinestone piece has been added as a hair ornament to the back of her wig.


Accompanying Chantel will be her original certificate of authenticity.


Height : 63 cm
Neck : 8.8 cm
Shoulder width(including arm) :11.5 cm

Chest : 26 cm
Waist : 17 cm
Hips : 26.3 cm
Arm (to wrist from shoulder) : 17.5 cm
Leg (to ankle from waist) : 39 cm
Feet length :8 cm

Feet width : 3 cm

Bella ~ Paperclay art doll (SOLD)

Introducing my newest creation, Bella

Bella is 14inches (36cm) lovingly sculpted from paper clay. Her face and body have been painted with quality acrylics and protected with a matte sealer.


This very special girl is made in the style of the Catrina doll. These dolls are very popular in Mexico around the celebration of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a holiday on November 2nd that focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died.


I have taken all the best parts from a 150 year old antique christening gown for the use of designing and making Bella's gown. For finishing, the gown has been lightly coffee stained. Due to the age of the fabric used there are tiny imperfections in it such as small pin holes or handsewn repairs from mending over time, adding to it's character.


The gown is tied on with a satin ribbon and is removable. Shoes are sculpted and not removable.

Hair is made of Tibetan lambs wool(not removable) and tied up with a ribbon which can be undone to let loose. I have made a tiny hair pin for her to finish off the updo

Bella's eyes are resin and also made by me.

I have signed and dated on her hip.


This doll sits well on her own, she has ribbon tied legs for basic posing. Her head, shoulders and elbows are elastic tied for more posing options.

She does not stand on her own. I have used a saddle stand for taking her pictures.


Bella is the first in a series of dolls I plan to make in this style, each of course will be a one of a kind doll. This doll and her gown will not be reproduced.

I call them Viaje dolls meaning "journey" celebrating the circle of life.

Each outfit made from the fabric once used to celebrate birth with faces painted in the style traditionally celebratingDia de los Muertos





ResinSoul YU Flora Full Set (SOLD)

This sweet little girl is a Yu sculpt from Resin Soul in white skin

Flora stands 15cm and has cute as a button little elf ears and is brought to life with her custom freckle dusted faceup.

Her ooak outfit was made especially for her right down to her tiny little shoes.

Flora's cotton polka dot dress shows off bunches of ruffles  and her tiny behind covets sweet little rose colored pumpkin bloomers

A floral matching headband tames her ebony hair for the finishing touch










WAIST 7.5cm

HIP 8cm


Soul Doll Tarot Series LEMKIN Fullset OOAK customization (SOLD)

Here he is, bursting with mystery and sex appeal.

Lemkin is a SOLD OUT doll from Soul Doll's Tarot Series standing 69cm

This doll is double jointed in normal skin and has never been displayed or played with.

The custom faceup and tattoo by CreamSoda BJD bring out all the best of this boy.

This handsome fellow also has a complete body blushing except for his feet.

The veining in his hands is beautiful and shows transparent blueish tones through the rest of his blushing.

I have also given him pubic shadows as well as blushed his BITS

Lemkin will come with his custom CreamSoda Soul Eyes and your choice of one of the 3 wigs pictured

( short natural black from Iplehouse, short fur wig with long tail, or the long black which I believe is also Iplehouse)

The Souldoll outfit (pants, white shirt, jacket, necklace, belt, rose pin) as well as his T-shirt and shoes finish off Lemkin's look.

** note his shoes are a bit tight on him, no room for socks

He does not have his original box but will come well packed with his certificate and cards of authenticity

The inside of his headcap is also signed and dated by the artist, Rhonda Ingram-Calhoun of CreamSoda BJD

Lemkin's measurements
> Height : 69 cm
> Girth of head : 22 cm
> Girth of neck : 12.5 cm
> Girth of chest : 29 cm
> Girth of waist : 21 cm
> Girth of hips : 27.5 cm
> Shoulder width(with arms) : 14.2 cm
> Girth of ankle : 10 cm
> Length of back(from cervicale to waist line) : 14 cm
> Length of "from shoulder to wrist :20 cm
> Length of "from ankle to waist :40.5 cm
> Foot length : 9.5 cm
> Foot width : 4 cm

Resin Soul Bei Yosd OOAK Fullset (SOLD)

Resin Soul Bei Yosd
OOAK Fullset by CreamSoda BJD

Introducing our newest fullset from CreamSoda BJD

Resin Soul Bei slim Yosd 27cm Normal skin

This super sweet little girl comes to you with her ooak faceup, custom made eyes and ensemble.

I had so much fun with this doll I couldn't stop sewing for her, she comes with everything listed below as well as her original box, packing pillow and carry case.

The inside of Bei's headcap is signed and dated by the faceup artist Rhonda Ingram-Calhoun of CreamSoda BJD.

There are lots of pretty little details in this outfit set with embroidery to trims.

The light turquoise piggy tail wig from Leekeworld has removable tails for different looks too …lots of versatility here.

Bei is new and has only been removed from her box for faceup, dressing and pictures.

***The ooak handsculpted mouse (Esmerelda) that Bei is playing with in some of the pictures is NOT included in this set.

Esmerelda is a one of a kind creation registered with the International Art Doll Registry.


[scrollGallery id=1]


  • Bei slim Yosd Resin Soul sculpt
  • Custom artist faceup
  • Custom handmade eyes from CreamSoda BJD
  • Leekeworld wig
  • Jeans
  • Ruffle bottom top
  • Dress
  • Matching shorts/bloomers
  • 1 pair thigh socks
  • 1 pair short socks
  • Mini stuffed bunny
  • Zippered with handles carrying case
  • Packing pillow
  • Original box
  • *****Shoes NOT included


Bei's measurements

  • HEIGHT 27cm
  • ARM LENGTH 7cm
  • LEG LENGTH 14cm
  • HEAD SIZE 14cm
  • NECK SIZE 4.5cm
  • CHEST 10.5cm
  • WAIST 8.5cm
  • HIP 12cm


MERRIDA Resin Soul 68cm Fullset from CreamSoda BJD SD


Resin Soul 68cm

Fullset from CreamSoda BJD

Our newest girl “Merrida”

This long-legged beauty comes from Resin Soul she is the AI head on the 68cm body.

Merrida is in grey resin, a personal favorite of mine.

This doll is brand new and has been removed from her box only for her faceup and dressing.

Your doll will come with her original shipping box, pillow and carry case

Typically Resin Soul dolls come from the factory loosely strung on small elastic. I have restrung Merrida on new heavier elastic. She poses and stands well on her own.

I do always recommend the use of a doll stand with larger dolls like this when taking pictures.

Faceup by CreamSoda the headcap is signed and dated

This lucky girl comes with an amazing pair of Soul eyes, CreamSoda’s newest line of individually handpainted eyes (not yet released)

These very special eyes are the result of two years of trials in the quest to bring out the soul of the doll

We all knew it was there 🙂

Merrida comes as a fullset with the following:

  • Resin Soul 68cm Chun body with AI head(grey resin)
  • Ooak faceup by CreamSoda BJD
  • custom Soul Eyes by CreamSoda BJD
  • fishnet pantyhose
  • black and white dress
  • black lace tank top
  • beaded bracelet
  • pendant
  • Shoes
  • 1 Monique wig(your choice, red or black shown)
  • Carrying case
  • shipping pillow
  • original box

**This is a big girl weighing 3kg when packed shipping to Canada and the US will be $35 expedited shipping insured

I can offer a short 2 week layaway if needed

with a 50% non-refundable deposit at the end of the auction

Please contact me to make arrangements prior to bidding

Doll Measurements

  • HEIGHT 68cm
  • ARM LENGTH 19cm
  • LEG LENGTH 36cm
  • FOOT LENGTH 7.2cm
  • HEAD SIZE 21cm
  • NECK SIZE 9cm
  • CHEST 26cm
  • WAIST 17.8cm
  • HIP 27cm

“Storytime” Custom House Uriel (msd) in normal skin 30cm

Uriel, “April” will come with her new CreamSoda faceup, Monique wig, custom CreamSoda eyes made especially for her.

Her cozy bunny jammies with removable slippers. The ears of the hood are bendable and its finished off with a fuzzy white bunny tail.

I have also made her a book, Jack and the Beanstalk for storytime so she can snuggle up with Taffy her hand made miniature thread jointed bear friend.
(The book opens and the pages are blank inside)

Took me a week to make this sweet little miniature bear and April loves him to death.

April poses beautifully better when she is out of her jammies.

I have put shoes inside of her slippers so she can stand easier which will be included as well as her pink hair ribbon and the blue ear ribbon, also a pair of knee socks will come along with her.

Ah , yes…. remember those days of cozy one piece jammies and bunny slippers after a nice warm bath?

Custom House Uriel (msd) in normal skin 30cm
Uriel is new with no damage or mods
No layaway at this time
She is located in Alberta, Canada
Shipping will be $25 to Canada and the US
No original box but she will be packed well
Headcap is signed and dated inside

Fullset price: $400
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Contact us here if interested using our contact page 😉

“Carina” Steampunk fullset – Elder Iplehouse Doll (EID) with light brown skin (i.e., Noctarcana Circus Carina Belly Dancer)

This gorgeous One Of A Kind (OOAK) fullset features an Iplehouse Carina EID body (large bust) with factory face up and special light brown skin.

She also has the added mobility joints

(Yes, she is the limited edition Noctarcana Circus “Carina Belly Dancer” sold out from Iplehouse!)

Carina is ready for adventure in her spiffy Steampunk themed outfit. From Souldoll come Carina’s faux leather trousers with attached belt, skirted vest, and gauntlets to protect her arms from the heat of the steam engines and oiled gears (sorry, zeppelin airships and sea-worthy vessels not included!)

The explorer/pirate style button shirt is nicely detailed and I have finished it with some tea dying giving Carina a well traveled look.

A perfect match to this outfit are her included boots.

For this special traveler I have made a navigator’s spyglass (for sighting new lands to discover or isles of buried treasure) and protective goggles (which helps keep the thick smoke and blustery winds out of her eyes). Last but not least, a map!


  • Carina EID body and head in Special light brown resin
  • Flat feet and high heel feet, both blushed with pedicures
  • 2 sets of Hands (1 blushed , 1 not)
  • Steampunk outfit(pants, skirted vest, gauntlets, shirt, armband straps,chain necklace, boots
  • wig pictured
  • Steampunk eye and yellow eye pictured
  • 1 regular pair of human eyes
  • goggles
  • spy glass
  • map
  • certificate of authenticity
  • original box

* Height : 65 cm
* Weight : 1.9kg
* Circumference of head : 21 cm (8.4 inch, M size wig)
* Circumference of neck : 10.5 cm
* Circumference of chest : Large size : 32cm
* Width of shoulder : 14 cm (arms included)
* Length of arm : 20.2 cm
* Circumference of wrist : 5.5 cm
* Circumference of arm : 9cm
* Circumference of waist : 21 cm
* Circumference of pelvis : 32 cm
* Circumference of thigh : 18.2 cm
* From waist to tiptoe : 42 cm
* Circumference of ankle : 6.8 cm
* Length of foot : 7.5 cm

Emma Custom House Junior Ai (MSD) full set BJD with Romper, Fairy Wings (SOLD)

"Few folk have seen a Fairy,
But I found this one for you.
If you believe with all your might
She'll make your dreams come true"

Our newest fullset doll Emma, a dream fairy.

Emma is a Custom House sculpt junior Ai (MSD) size girl in normal skin. She is new.

The wings are wired and slightly poseable and each is a work of art on it's own.

The wing wires tuck neatly into tiny sleeves in the back of the romper for easy insertion and removal

This outfit has been carefully created from quality cottons,

the lined romper bodice says,"Big dreams start small" and is finished off with a tattered fabric flower and silk ribbon embroidery

Emma has a brand new CreamSoda faceup as well as hand blushing and a french manicure

Emma will be signed and dated inside of her headcap

This special little girl comes as a fullset, included is:

  • ruffled romper
  • matching apron
  • rhinestone flower necklace with magnetic clasp
  • styled wig
  • eyes
  • Custom House Emma with custom Creamsoda faceup
  • Pair of handmade fairy wings
  • Certificate of authenticity

Emma's measurements:

  • Height-42cm
  • Neck circumference-7.3cm
  • Chest circumference-17.5cm
  • Waist circumference-16.5cm
  • Hip circumference-19.6cm
  • Wrist circumference-4.7cm
  • Ankle circumference-5.8cm
  • Knee circumference-8.1cm
  • Shoulder to wrist-6.5cm
  • Elbow to wrist-5.5cm
  • Naval to knee-12.8cm
  • Knee to feet-12.2cm
  • Shoulder width-7cm
  • Shoulder width including arms-9cm
  • Head size-8inch
  • Feet size-5.5cm

** Emma has no factory box but she will be packed carefully for shipping

**Shoes and handmade miniature bear are NOT included** (the bear was made for a Yosd fullset coming up next week)

Outfit was made with an adapted pattern from Patchwork Pansy

“Mina” Rare DIM Eunbi SD fullset plus extras [SOLD]

Rare Doll In Mind Eunbi SD fullset plus extras

This is a very special girl, a discontinued Eunbi sculpt from D.I.M

Height: 58cm SD size

Our “Mina” has been modded so her nose wasn’t so long. The mod was done poorly before I received her but I have fixed her all up and it’s seamless now and beautiful. She loves her new nose and so do I .

This doll also has pierced ears!

This Eunbi is an older doll and is labeled inside her headcap Nov,4/2006. I think this may be when one of her owner’s purchased her. I have had this girl for about 2 years.

Her body is single jointed and normal skin. I had socks on her for pictures, her feet are NOT yellow.

Mina’s faceup is newly painted by CreamSoda, her nipple blushing, manicure and pedicure are older and the nipple blushing is a bit worn.

This great doll came with several clothing pieces, bracelet, earrings, shoes etc all listed below.

Set includes:
D.I.M Eunbi head and body with face up by CreamSoda BJD
black curly wig by Monique
Masterpiece eyes(pictured)
matching rhinestone earrings and bracelet
satin hair ribbon
ooak sundress by CreamSoda made from vintage reclaimed fabrics
black t-shirt and hoodie from Nine9 Style (new, recently purchased)
denim skirt by Cheery Doll
cream floral tights by Dale Rae Designs
red & black checked punk tights (I recommend use of tights under these as they do leave dye behind) Easily removed
1 pair of sneakers

I will be listing a few dolls over the next couple weeks so keep an eye out for more great girls to come!


Esmerelda OOAK Miniature handsculpted artist mouse Registered IADR

You can’t help but smile when you get a look at this sweet little creature.

Esmerelda is a miniature mouse, hand sculpted using tiny tools such as pins, fairy wings, and leprechaun toenails* 😉

For limited-time auction on eBay ->> BID HERE <<-


I sculpt all my creations without the aid of molds, and each is a one of a kind piece,

highly detailed and made with the adult collector in mind.

This sculpt is not a toy.


Esmerelda stands about 4cm tall or just under 1.5 inches,

wearing a slightly tattered suspender skirt, covering her rather rotund belly.

Makeshift patches and tiny buttons adorn her whimsical outfit.

A pretty bow ties around her head to keep the fur from her eyes while she goes about her foraging.

This little girl is happy as a city or country mouse and eager to come home.


This mini mouse and her clothes are made from polymer clay,

and her lifelike yet synthetic fur is a blend of 3 tones giving wonderful detail and realism.


Esmerelda has been registered with the International Art Doll Registry.

She will come with her certificate signed and dated by myself–

doll artist Rhonda Ingram-Calhoun


* No elves or other forest folk were harmed in the making of this doll.

Chelsea Full Set

“Chelsea” Custom House Hyori Yo-sd
Fullset by CreamSoda BJD


Here she is “Chelsea”. This super sweet little girl is a Custom House/Aidolls Hyori sculpt in Normal resin.

Chelsea is an Ange AI (Yo-sd) size. You will find her measurements below.

Every little girl I work on is my new favorite and this sweetheart is pretty special.

Chelsea comes with everything you see except her shoes

As always I have used quality cottons, trims and embellishments to complete her one of a kind outfit. All bodices are lined and seams are serged.

All my outfits are made with attention to detail and are made to last.

Her under-dress is made of a dusty rose quilting grade cotton in a pretty, tiny doll sized print.

The dress secures in the back with button covered snaps.

The apron is fully lined and ties in the back with a ribbon through tiny eyelets.

Tiny handmade flowers, vintage pearl beads and a miniature skeleton key adorn the apron front.

Chelsea keeps her legs cozy in a cute pair of ivory knit leggings.

The custom one of a kind tibetan wool wig finishes off her look with the tiniest of braids tied in matching cotton and lofty pigtails decorated with silver butterflies.

The lavendar glass eyes shown are also included.

Face-up has been done by me also here at CreamSoda BJD.

I use quality pastels and acrylic paints and the work is sealed in several layers of MSC for long lasting protection.

Chelsea’s head cap is signed and dated inside by myself- R Ingram, CreamSoda BJD, June/2012

Chelsea’s measurements
Height: 27cm
Chest: 12.5cm
Waist: 13cm
Hips: 14.5cm

This doll comes to you with her Certificate of Authenticity from Custom House/Aidolls.

She has no original shipping box but will be very carefully packed and shipped.

***I am taking faceup commissions for July now. If you are interested please drop me a note.***

“AIDEEN” Fullset by CreamSoda Aidolls/Custom House Ange yosd custom BJD [SOLD]

“AIDEEN” Celtic for “Little Fire”
This little fire comes to you as a fullset from CreamSoda.

Aideen is an Ange Uri sculpt from Aidolls/Custom House. This sweetheart is full of character her very own and can very rarely be found without her pal “Ears”.

This Pair is ready for the trip to a new home . The inside of Aideen’s headcap is signed and dated by Rhonda at CreamSoda

New only removed from her box for faceup and dressing

Fullset includes:

  • AIdolls Ange Uri 27cm
  • custom faceup by CreamSoda
  • eyes
  • Tibetan wool wig
  • tights
  • sun dress (design by CreamSoda)
  • shoes
  • hair ribbons
  • bunny “Ears”
  • Birth certificate from Aidolls


  • Height-27cm
  • Neck circumference-6.8cm
  • Chest circumference-12.5cm
  • Waist circumference-13cm
  • Hip circumference-14.5cm
  • wrist circumference-3.6cm
  • Right hand width-2.3cm
  • Left hand width-2.3cm
  • Ankle circumference-5cm
  • Knee circumference-6cm
  • Shoulder to wrist-3.8cm
  • Elbow to wrist-3.2cm
  • Naval to knee-3.7cm
  • Knee to feet-6.5cm
  • Shoulder width-4.5cm
  • Shoulder width including arms-6.5cm
  • Head size-6~7inch
  • Feet size-4cm

Eye size- 14mm

“Bethany” Resin Soul Mei MSD white skin Fullset by CreamSoda [SOLD]

Resin Soul Mei MSD white skin
Fullset by CreamSoda

For sale on eBay right now, check the widget at the right to bid on her or “buy it now” by contacting us on the website with an offer.

“Bethany” is a previously loved doll with a new look.

The sculpt is Mei, from Resin Soul in white resin. This sweet doll has a new faceup and french manicure by Creamsoda as well as hand blushing.

Bethany also will be coming to you with her one of a kind outfit, a fun cotton polka dotted dress with a delicate sheer pink underskirt.

The dress bodice is fully lined and snaps closed in the back, funky striped thigh highs and a second pair of short lacy ankle socks add the sassy to this set.

The pink beaded bracelet with butterfly accent, super soft quality wig and eyes are also included.

I have restrung Bethany with heavier elastic than what normally comes with Resin Soul dolls to give her better stability and also hot glue sueded her neck…she is a great fun to pose now and ready to play.

Signed and dated inside her head cap by Rhonda at CreamSoda Fashions BJD

This white skinned girl being an older doll does have a slight yellowing on her chest and neck area but it doesn’t take away from her at all in my opinion.


  • Previously loved Resin Soul Mei-white skin
  • Custom faceup and French manicure
  • Eyes
  • Blonde wig
  • OOAK dress
  • 1 pair thigh high socks
  • 1 pair ankle socks
  • Bracelet
  • Shoes NOT included


  • HEIGHT 42cm
  • ARM LENGTH 11cm
  • LEG LENGTH 20.5cm
  • FOOT LENGTH 5.2cm
  • HEAD SIZE 17cm
  • NECK SIZE 6cm
  • CHEST 15.5cm
  • WAIST 11cm
  • HIP 17cm

Bethany has no original shipping box but will be well packed for the journey to her new home.

Shipped via Canada Post.

Shipping to Canada and the United States $28.00 expedited. For other destinations please contact me for a rate.

Kaye Wiggs NELLY doll fullset 56cm SD BJD [SOLD]

Limited fair skin NELLY from Kaye Wiggs

for eBay auction posting [ click here! ]

This sweet girl has elf ears and human feet (hooves not included)

Nelly is SD sized 56cm and comes with:

  • default faceup
  • eyes
  • Monique wig
  • dress
  • apron
  • stockings
  • shoes
  • satin shipping bag

This doll is new and has only been removed from her bag for dressing and pictures.

If you missed out on ordering this girl on her limited debut, here’s your chance to make this gem yours!

Doll Leaves “Blue” MSD size [SOLD]

Web Store Link:
[ Live eBay Auction here ]

CreamSoda Fashions presents a Doll Leaves “BLUE” model sculpted Ball-Jointed Doll (BJD) in normal skin. She comes to you nude with a custom face-up, Monique wig, and the eyes shown in the photos below.

Blue has the Doll Leaves large bust and poses beautifully. This doll is new and will arrive with her original box and pillow as well as her certificate.

. Height(Include head):43.5cm
. Head Circa:18.5cm
. Neck Circa:6.5cm
. Shoulder Width:7.5cm
. Breast Circumference:17.7cm
. Waist:13.5cm
. Hip:19cm
. Leg length:22cm
. Thigh Circumference:10CM
. Foot Length:5cm

Of course she will fit MSD sized clothing, her wig size is 7/8 and she wanted you to know she would really like lots of shoes too! 🙂

If interested, you may bid for her on eBay until Jan 13, 2012, starting bid is $188 which is quite a steal! If she doesn’t sell we will extend the auction for another week until she’s gone gone gone!

Doll Leaves Jax bunny [SOLD]

“JAX” is a wonderful little bunny that was put out by Doll Leaves that is a ton of fun to pose.

This sweet, sassy little wonder was released for their first anniversary and is no longer available for purchase from the company.

I have given her a face-up and complete body blushing as well as made her a custom angora goat hair wig that fits over her cute little ball-jointed ears.