Upcoming Destination Doll Classes in Mexico

Now that I’m happily settled into my new surroundings here in Mexico it’s time to start spreading the dolly love and share the beauty of this mystical place!! Have you ever wanted to experience the sights, sounds and tastes of Mexico or maybe just take a creative journey under a palm tree, poolside? Here’s your chance! I now have space in 2 classes.


*please note, fabrics, clothing styles and facial features of your doll may differ. No two dolls ever turn out exactly alike.

  • WHERE?: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • WHEN?: November 5-11, 2017 & November 12-18, 2017
  •           6 nights, 7 days stay  in a beautiful artist’s retreat close to the beach           (read more about the venue and see pictures below)
  •           all tools and supplies needed to complete your art doll
  •           5 days of art doll instruction and 24 hour access to the studio
  •           meals prepared by a personal chef

    Sunday evening Welcome Reception, 6 full breakfasts & 5 lunches (more like dinner) served poolside in a tropical setting and a Saturday departure breakfast.

  • optional local sightseeing as well as an incredible night cruise to an eco island lit solely by hundreds of candles, be entertained under the stars as Mexico’s past comes to life through music and dance. The show is followed by an amazing dinner beachside with open bar.

I have designed a wonderful new doll style especially for the classes. Come join me and a wonderful group of people for an unforgettable time of learning and discovery.

Choose your dates & options

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?: Making a complete art doll in air dry Ladoll clay. Your doll will be about 16 inches tall if posed standing. This will be a static doll in your chosen pose, with the exception of one ball joint in her neck for extra expression. by class end, you will have a good understanding of my techniques for

  • Armature construction and striking a pose
  • Sculpting the complete body, head and hands
  • Making a ball jointed neck and stringing
  • Hair and eyes
  • Painting and blushing your doll
  • Designing the outfit and dressing
  • Making leather boots
  • And MUCH more

There is much to learn in 5 days so we will have full days in the studio with evenings free for enjoying the sights or just relaxing. WHAT IS THE COST? $1800 USD per person all inclusive except for dinners QUESTIONS? ** Are the rooms shared?: Yes the rooms have 2 beds and each room has a private bathroom. If you are coming with a friend, great if not you will make wonderful ones here. as we already know doll people are incredible! **Do I need to bring anything for class?:  No unless you have special trinkets, or fabrics and trims you would like to include in the making of your doll **Do I need sewing skills?: No we will be doing only a small amount of hand sewing. I will have a sewing machine onsite as well if you choose to use it. ** Do I need prior sculpting knowledge?: No, not at all, I teach in a way that is suited to both beginner and the more advanced student. **Can my spouse come with me?: Yes they are welcome but the venue does have an extra fee of $450USD for a spouse or companion which includes 6 nights stay as well as breakfasts and lunches on site. If your guest would like to attend the excursion the cost of that is $130USD. If you would prefer to stay off site I can assist in booking something close to the venue. ** What should I pack?: I would suggest you don’t pack like I did on my first trip here, with 8 pairs of high heels 🙂 A pair of low heeled sandals comfortable for walking is all you really need. Mexico and the places we will be for the most part are casual. Don’t bring any gowns! Cool light weight clothes and maybe a sweater in case you need one in the evenings Sunscreen, sun glasses and a bathing suit Pack light, if you forget anything don’t worry you can get anything you need here for cheaper than you could back home. **When do I have to book by?: Class space is limited to 12 students onsite so booking early is a good idea. I can take more students but you will need to book your stay off-site. **Do I make a deposit?All bookings require a $500USD deposit.

You may also pay in full if you choose. Payments can be made through Paypal with the above “add to cart” button.

In order to hold a reservation we must receive the deposit within ten days of the booking being made. The balance is due 45 days prior to your arrival date. ** Cancellation and refund policy:  Reservations cancelled prior to 90 days, 50% is refundable. Less than 60 days, 25% is refundable. Less than 45 days prior to class, fee paid is non-refundable ** Is there WIFI?: Yes   About the Venue

Located just 3.5 miles south of the airport, the walled garden hacienda with swimming pool and inviting common areas is artist owned and operated. Art abounds! Made on site mosaic tables and fused glass tableware serve to enhance your breakfast in this lush garden setting. Palm, mango, guayaba, and banana trees, along with flowering ginger, hibiscus, jasmine, bird of paradise as well as the ever-present bougainvillea create delight for all the senses. upscale Mexican neighborhood that affords visitors a chance to experience the charm of daily life in old Mexico. You will find cobbled streets, where tortillerias and markets catering to the locals rather than the tourists…..craft shops, cantinas, night life and adventure.   Your optional excursion:  The adventure begins with a scenic ocean cruise across Banderas Bay to the isolated cove of Las Caletas. As the sun sinks into the Pacific Ocean and darkness descends, you’ll enjoy a privileged view of the shimmering lights scattered along the coastline. Enticing aromas of freshly grilled steak, chicken and fish lure you towards your private beachside table bathed in the soft glow of candles. The dinner buffet is complimented by freshly prepared vegetables, salads and authentic handmade tortillas. Our dessert trays boast brownies, pies, traditional rice pudding, and plenty of local fresh cut tropical fruit. And the show starts: In a hypnotic and exhilarating spectacle, stories of an ancient civilization are told through live music and modern dance as one of Mexico’s most innovative contemporary dance troupes transports you on a magical and mystical journey through time. After the show, end a perfect evening with a nightcap and dancing beneath the stars on the short cruise back to your point of departure. No other nightlife in Puerto Vallarta comes close to comparing to this amazingly unique experience. Immerse yourself in the Rhythms of the Night.

Concept Doll ~ STELLA the WHOLE story!

Now that I am all settled (mostly) in Mexico, it’s high time I got back to work.

Before I left the United States I drew-up blueprints for 2 new concept dolls. “What exactly is a concept doll?” you may ask…

It’s a doll that works “on paper” in a flat two dimensional drawing, and looks fine in my head, but in real three dimensional life? I have no idea!

Mechanically the proportions may not make sense…

But, I am up for a challenge, and seeing as how I’m always pushing myself to come up with something new to expand my skills as a doll maker… why the heck not!

Also new for me, I’ll be posting short fast forwarded movies of the progress to my channel on YouTube as they are available. (Hopefully weekly) You can check them out here:

Stella – Part 1 https://youtu.be/4Gynzb4ffm8

Stella – Part 2 https://youtu.be/yvfZUK03jZs

A little about my vision for Stella, OR more correctly, Stella’s vision for herself.

She is about 40cm tall with a slim type body and an oversized head. Normally this size body would have about an 6-8 inch head (measured around the top of the head) Stella’s head will be about 11 inches.

I am now working on the 5th head  for her as she didn’t approve of the first 4.

Fussy girl she is, she knows what she wants and it took me a while to get it right 🙂

Yay!! We finally got her a head that we are both happy with, now we can get on with the rest of her 🙂

Here’s a bit of that progress …….

Follow along to see how she evolved from this…..

  To this…..  To this……

AND finally to this….


Stella – Part 3 https://youtu.be/l4hM4sfOJ4Y

This would be a great time to give awesome thanks to Christopher for putting time in to edit my videos for me!……I am kinda clueless when it comes to that sort of thing and would rather be sculpting than learning how to edit vids.

Well that was FUN…Let’s see some more! Who knew there was so much to making a BJD. It usually takes me a year to make a master doll of part time sculpting. I mean with life happening.

If I sculpt 18 hours a day which I did quite often with Stella I can make better time and cut that down to about 5 months. I get a bit delirious and some pretty great things happen  amongst having a whole lot of conversation with myself and the doll 🙂 Oh yeah, I LOVE what I do!

Stella – Part 4 https://youtu.be/gyTHIpTaIIc

Stella – Part 5 https://youtu.be/4B2sE1rm5Dw


An update on Stella’s stats:

wig size 11 inches, eyes 22-24mm, height 40cm or 16 inches, shoes- yosd, she will wear many yosd clothes though her legs are longer than usual. Stella is pictured with in standard yosd pumpkin pant and top which could be a short dress on a standard size yosd doll.

Shoulder to crotch 5″/13cm

leg length (crotch to floor) 7″/17.5cm

around bust 4.75″/12cm

outside shoulder to shoulder 3″/7.5cm

around waist 4.75″/12cm

around hips 7″/17.5cm


Check out Stella’s very own gallery here:


Lacey sample dolls have arrived!

Finally, Lacey is in resin, and it’s beautiful!

The casting house has done a great job as usual, they are not the quickest or the cheapest but they are the best in my opinion.

Our girl is super fun to play with so I’ve been spending a little extra time with her 🙂

Lacey is a slim MSD 17 inches/43cm tall with 21 points of articulation giving her lots of mobility.

This girl has a ton of personality and is begging or many different looks. I can hardly wait to see what collectors have envisioned for her.

Lacey has a decorative back piece that fits a key that will hang on a necklace. I sculpted this because while I was working on her I saw her as a forgotten attic toy so I’m looking forward to doing her up this way.

This is the way she measures out for everyone that likes to sew and make wigs:


I’m working now on getting her preorder page ready.

She will be in my “Desert Sand” resin which is a lovely slightly translucent normal with peachy undertones.

For preorder she will be offered either blank or nude with a faceup. I will be working on her default faceup this week and will post pictures as soon as I have it finished.

I will be doing some one of a kind fullsets for sale after all of the preorder dolls have been shipped out.

Preorder will run from Nov 21st to Dec 17th

Layaway will be available for either 2 or 3 payments.

Here are a few pictures of our playtime so far


Be sure to check out Lacey’s gallery page for tons of more pictures, this girl LOVES the camera!

See Lacey’s gallery here…. check back often, I’ll be adding pictures regularly.

See the history of creating Lacey, a compilation of all her WIP (Work In Progress) posts, here!


“Storytime” Custom House Uriel (msd) in normal skin 30cm

Uriel, “April” will come with her new CreamSoda faceup, Monique wig, custom CreamSoda eyes made especially for her.

Her cozy bunny jammies with removable slippers. The ears of the hood are bendable and its finished off with a fuzzy white bunny tail.

I have also made her a book, Jack and the Beanstalk for storytime so she can snuggle up with Taffy her hand made miniature thread jointed bear friend.
(The book opens and the pages are blank inside)

Took me a week to make this sweet little miniature bear and April loves him to death.

April poses beautifully better when she is out of her jammies.

I have put shoes inside of her slippers so she can stand easier which will be included as well as her pink hair ribbon and the blue ear ribbon, also a pair of knee socks will come along with her.

Ah , yes…. remember those days of cozy one piece jammies and bunny slippers after a nice warm bath?

Custom House Uriel (msd) in normal skin 30cm
Uriel is new with no damage or mods
No layaway at this time
She is located in Alberta, Canada
Shipping will be $25 to Canada and the US
No original box but she will be packed well
Headcap is signed and dated inside

Fullset price: $400
Feedback can be seen here:http://feedback.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll….tab=AllFeedback

Contact us here if interested using our contact page 😉

Emma Custom House Junior Ai (MSD) full set BJD with Romper, Fairy Wings (SOLD)

"Few folk have seen a Fairy,
But I found this one for you.
If you believe with all your might
She'll make your dreams come true"

Our newest fullset doll Emma, a dream fairy.

Emma is a Custom House sculpt junior Ai (MSD) size girl in normal skin. She is new.

The wings are wired and slightly poseable and each is a work of art on it's own.

The wing wires tuck neatly into tiny sleeves in the back of the romper for easy insertion and removal

This outfit has been carefully created from quality cottons,

the lined romper bodice says,"Big dreams start small" and is finished off with a tattered fabric flower and silk ribbon embroidery

Emma has a brand new CreamSoda faceup as well as hand blushing and a french manicure

Emma will be signed and dated inside of her headcap

This special little girl comes as a fullset, included is:

  • ruffled romper
  • matching apron
  • rhinestone flower necklace with magnetic clasp
  • styled wig
  • eyes
  • Custom House Emma with custom Creamsoda faceup
  • Pair of handmade fairy wings
  • Certificate of authenticity

Emma's measurements:

  • Height-42cm
  • Neck circumference-7.3cm
  • Chest circumference-17.5cm
  • Waist circumference-16.5cm
  • Hip circumference-19.6cm
  • Wrist circumference-4.7cm
  • Ankle circumference-5.8cm
  • Knee circumference-8.1cm
  • Shoulder to wrist-6.5cm
  • Elbow to wrist-5.5cm
  • Naval to knee-12.8cm
  • Knee to feet-12.2cm
  • Shoulder width-7cm
  • Shoulder width including arms-9cm
  • Head size-8inch
  • Feet size-5.5cm

** Emma has no factory box but she will be packed carefully for shipping

**Shoes and handmade miniature bear are NOT included** (the bear was made for a Yosd fullset coming up next week)

Outfit was made with an adapted pattern from Patchwork Pansy

Miss Fitz Rag Dolls are here!!

“Miss Fitz” Mini ragdolls from CreamSoda

YoSD and MSD size

Who is she?… She is tattered, stained, strung and flung. She hides under the bed for ghost stories, gets propped up for tea, is chief inspector of the growing bug collection on weekends. Most importantly she is the center of her girl’s attention….she’s Miss Fitz

Miss Fitz ragdolls are handmade one at a time, with each doll having her own uniqueness.

No two will ever be alike.

Her arms are made so that they fit into a dolls hand and through her fingers so Miss Fitz can be held easily

About 5″ tall(13cm) not including any hair, armspan 5.5″(14cm)

Collect as many as you like…a different Miss Fitz to match each of your girl’s favorite outfits. Each Miss Fitz is initialed with CS on her behind.

Now available in my ETSY shop here: Come on over for a browse

“Bethany” Resin Soul Mei MSD white skin Fullset by CreamSoda [SOLD]

Resin Soul Mei MSD white skin
Fullset by CreamSoda

For sale on eBay right now, check the widget at the right to bid on her or “buy it now” by contacting us on the website with an offer.

“Bethany” is a previously loved doll with a new look.

The sculpt is Mei, from Resin Soul in white resin. This sweet doll has a new faceup and french manicure by Creamsoda as well as hand blushing.

Bethany also will be coming to you with her one of a kind outfit, a fun cotton polka dotted dress with a delicate sheer pink underskirt.

The dress bodice is fully lined and snaps closed in the back, funky striped thigh highs and a second pair of short lacy ankle socks add the sassy to this set.

The pink beaded bracelet with butterfly accent, super soft quality wig and eyes are also included.

I have restrung Bethany with heavier elastic than what normally comes with Resin Soul dolls to give her better stability and also hot glue sueded her neck…she is a great fun to pose now and ready to play.

Signed and dated inside her head cap by Rhonda at CreamSoda Fashions BJD

This white skinned girl being an older doll does have a slight yellowing on her chest and neck area but it doesn’t take away from her at all in my opinion.


  • Previously loved Resin Soul Mei-white skin
  • Custom faceup and French manicure
  • Eyes
  • Blonde wig
  • OOAK dress
  • 1 pair thigh high socks
  • 1 pair ankle socks
  • Bracelet
  • Shoes NOT included


  • HEIGHT 42cm
  • ARM LENGTH 11cm
  • LEG LENGTH 20.5cm
  • FOOT LENGTH 5.2cm
  • HEAD SIZE 17cm
  • NECK SIZE 6cm
  • CHEST 15.5cm
  • WAIST 11cm
  • HIP 17cm

Bethany has no original shipping box but will be well packed for the journey to her new home.

Shipped via Canada Post.

Shipping to Canada and the United States $28.00 expedited. For other destinations please contact me for a rate.

Doll Leaves “Blue” MSD size [SOLD]

Web Store Link:
[ Live eBay Auction here ]

CreamSoda Fashions presents a Doll Leaves “BLUE” model sculpted Ball-Jointed Doll (BJD) in normal skin. She comes to you nude with a custom face-up, Monique wig, and the eyes shown in the photos below.

Blue has the Doll Leaves large bust and poses beautifully. This doll is new and will arrive with her original box and pillow as well as her certificate.

. Height(Include head):43.5cm
. Head Circa:18.5cm
. Neck Circa:6.5cm
. Shoulder Width:7.5cm
. Breast Circumference:17.7cm
. Waist:13.5cm
. Hip:19cm
. Leg length:22cm
. Thigh Circumference:10CM
. Foot Length:5cm

Of course she will fit MSD sized clothing, her wig size is 7/8 and she wanted you to know she would really like lots of shoes too! 🙂

If interested, you may bid for her on eBay until Jan 13, 2012, starting bid is $188 which is quite a steal! If she doesn’t sell we will extend the auction for another week until she’s gone gone gone!

“Bella” Custom House MSD fullset [SOLD]

The latest girl from CreamSoda is “Bella” a Custom House Rena sculpt in normal skin

Bella comes as a fullset with:

•Custom house normal skin Rena sculpt
•Ooak faceup by CreamSoda
•Ooak dress designed and made by CreamSoda
•Striped thigh high stockings
•Lace choker
•Boots by Doll Heart
•Monique wig-restyled & hair ties

Bella’s measurements

Height – 42cm
Neck Width – 7.5cm
Chest Circumference – 17.1cm
Waistline- 15.5cm
Hipline – 18.6cm
Finesse – 5cm
Ankle – 6.3cm
Knee – 8cm
Shoulder~ Elbow – 6.5cm
Elbow~Finesse – 6cm
Shoulder~ Finesse – 12.5cm
Belly Button~ Knee – 13cm
Knee~Sole – 12.4cm
Belly Button~Sole – 25.9cm
Shoulder Width – 7.5cm
Shoulder Width include the arm – 9cm
Head Width – 20 cm
Foot – 5.7cm

Bella comes to you from a smoke free/pet free studio

Sophie fullset – Custom House MSD with face-up and outfit [SOLD]

Here she is, “Sophie”, the newest ooak doll from creamsoda

Sophie is a Custom House Rena sculpt -msd in normal skin

Our little Sophie has wonderful sad eyes and playful freckles, giving her a pile of character and soul.

Sophie’s outfit also from CreamSoda includes a fun striped long sleeved top, a wonderful embroidered jumper made in pink baby cord that does up at the shoulders for ease of dressing, a pair of purple polka dotted socks with ruffled tops, and adorable little pink shoes.

Sophie will also come with the glass eyes pictured and the Kemper wig pictured

Sophie’s measurements

  • Height-42cm
  • Neck circumference-7.3cm
  • Chest circumference-17.5cm
  • Waist circumference-16.5cm
  • Hip circumference-19.6cm
  • wrist circumference-4.7cm
  • Ankle circumference-5.8cm
  • Knee circumference-8.1cm
  • Shoulder to Elbow-6.5cm
  • Elbow to wrist-5.5cm
  • Shoulder to wrist-12cm
  • Navel to knee-12.8cm
  • Knee to feet-12.2cm
  • Navel to feet-25cm
  • Shoulder width-7cm
  • Shoulder width including arms-9cm
  • Head size- 7~8inch
  • Feet size-5.6cm
  • eyeball size-16mm

Sookie : OOAK Custom ResinSoul Mei MSD BJD FullSet [SOLD]

My newest one of a kind fullset is Finished!

“Sookie” is a resin Soul MSD sculpt-Mei in normal skin

This little girl is full of character that can only be called “hers”

Sookie has been given a light body blushing and a one of a kind  gothic style faceup.

She has also been given a manicure with lovely purple polish.

Our faceups are always finished with 8-10 coats of MSC sealer for lasting durability.

Sookie comes as a fullset  with everything listed:

  • ResinSoul Mei -normal skin with OOAK CreamSoda faceup, blushing and manicure
  • Short, streaked Monique wig
  • Glass eyes
  • Silicone wig cap
  • Top
  • Plaid skirt
  • Net skirt
  • Gloves
  • Stockings
  • Waist chain
  • Shoes

Sookie’s measurements:

  • Height 42CM
  • Arm length  11.5CM
  • Leg length 21CM
  • Foot length 5.5CM
  • Head size 17CM
  • Neck size  8CM
  • Shoulder width  7.5CM
  • Chest  15.5CM
  • Waist  11CM

Price: $425.00

Shipping $35 flat-rate (to US and Canada)


*DAISY* custom ResinSoul Ju MSD BJD [SOLD]

This wonderful little girl is a Resin Soul Ju sculpt msd

Daisy is full of character, a bit stubborn and bossy telling me all the way her mind and sassy opinions 🙂

With a cute freckled face, dyed and styled wool wig as well as glass eyes.

Keep an eye on her progress. Body blushing comes up next …and of course more lovely freckles in all the right places

Finally after about a million and two tiny little freckles Daisy’s body is all done and attached once again to her head

And here is this sweet little Daisy all finished up! She has a cute little country romper with a removable apron, striped thigh highs and grey ankle socks.  Her whole outfit has been tea dyed for the wonderful antiqued look I love.

Daisy also comes with her pal  Bitz who also has a well loved look.  My wonderful husband made miniature seed packets to slip into Daisy’s apron pocket.

OOAK Oliver Twist themed custom MSD Plutodoll head with Luts Kid Delf BOY [SOLD]

“Please Sir, can I have some more?”

This sweet doll has been inspired by the character Oliver Twist.

Oliver is a wonderful Pluto Doll head on a Luts Kid Delf body.

Faceup and outfit by CreamSoda Fashions
Oliver is also has complete body blushing and his head and body are a perfect color match

The outfit consists of:

* short wool pants that have been distressed
* a tea-dyed velvet sleeved vest
* matching wool coat
* silk neck hobble/scarf
* newsboy cap
* he will also come with the eyes and wig pictured

Oliver poses very well and is a pleasure to play with

This sweet, meek little orphan is ready to come home

The custom face-up, body blushing, all clothing and accessories are hand-made one-of-a-kind fashions exclusively for this collectable Cream Soda doll.

Oliver is now on his way to a new, loving home 🙂

Tattooed “RHEA” custom ResinSoul Li MSD BJD [SOLD]

Jan 28. 2011:
Hello, doll lovers!  I wanted to share with you my newest project,  her name is Rhea. Rhea is a Resin Soul “Li” (msd) in normal skin. For some time now, I have wanted to do a full tattoo on a special doll.  Not to mention the promptings of a certain wonderful customer and dolly friend 🙂

Jan 30, 2011:
A couple of days into the project and Rhea is coming to life.  Her tattoo is done completely freehand, and so far she has the basics.  Next I will do some large tattoos on her legs and feet, then on to her very special sweet face. Once she has the bulk of the tattoo work finished I’ll add more details and she will get an all over powdering to tone the lines down and then a complete faceup and body blushing. Of course as with all my dolls all the work will be sealed with 8-10 coats of MSC ensuring the work is well protected. Rhea , hasn’t yet let me know what she wants as far as a wig, which will more than likely be custom. She will be dressed minimally in a harem type outfit so the artwork won’t be completely covered. As soon as I have the tattoos finished (hopefully just a couple days) I will post an update so be sure to keep an eye out for her progress.

Feb 2, 2011:
Rhea now has her legs and feet as well as her body blushing. Her tattoos have been toned down so they look more natural.  She has been blushed everywhere you would expect her human counterpart to be for more realism, fingers , palms, buttocks, breasts, collarbone, belly etc. Ready now for a manicure and her faceup 🙂

( time passes … )
Rhea’s faceup is finished and she has been given a silky, flowing dancing skirt with a beaded chainmaille belt and matching chest adornment. A little more work on her wig and a manicure and pedicure and she is ready to dance for you 🙂

( sometime later .. and finally! )

Here she is “Rhea” all finished up and ready to dance her way into your heart.

I hope you enjoy her as much as I did creating her 🙂

Resinsoul grey skinned ”Rong” Steampunk fullset with custom faceup [SOLD]

Resinsoul grey skinned Rong
Steampunk fullset with custom faceup
Msd sized (42cm)


Short layaway available (see below for terms)
This auction is for a wonderful, Grey skin Rong from Resinsoul. MSD sized (42cm)
with custom faceup, manicure, blushing and steampunk outfit by CreamSoda

She comes complete with :

  • pair of CreamSoda steampunk eyes
  • custom faceup, manicure and blushing pictured by CreamSoda
  • over the knee socks with buckle detail
  • spats
  • ruffle shorts
  • laceup front waistcoat
  • sleeve pair with wrist flounces
  • black lace ascot with attached clockwork brooch
  • clockwork belt
  • garter with buckle detail
  • styled wig
  • steampunk monocle or goggles (buyers choice)

*** Parasol not included ***

The shoes pictured are not included as because I made them a bit tight for her (it’s a bit like trying to squeeze the step sister’s foot into the glass slipper) I am concerned that either the foot or the shoe will break over time.

I can make a new pair of shoes available in about 2 weeks for purchase at a cost of $65.

These shoes are very expensive to make and take me about 3-4 days to do

This wonderful doll came to me blank with no makeup right from Resinsoul and I stared at her for 2 weeks (taking time out to eat of course)
until she told me what she wanted to be. Then it happened, out came the drawing paper and there she was. Next it was time to design the patterns for her special outfit.

Off to a perfect start, Rong’s little tan and black striped double ruffled shorts are accented with bows at the outer thigh and secure with a snap at the back. Her laceup front waistcoat was made from faux leather and complimentary blended cotton.

Once together it was detailed with a ton of topstitching and tiny antiqued brass eyelets.

Rong’s ascot is made of vintage black lace and sports an attached one of a kind brooch made from tiny watch parts and gears, finished off with amethyst beads and delicate antiqued chains.

Black stretch sleeves with bell flounce wrists are perfect for this outfit.

Rong’s buckle topped grey knit socks can be worn with or without the black stretch spats decorated at the sides with coppery nail head brads

A stretch lace garter with buckle detailing is worn on her upper thigh and a special belt sits at her pretty waist made of leather, jute and more steel and brass watch parts put together just right .

The crowning glory is an exceptional clockwork monocle or the goggles pictured (your choice) both do up with a buckle at the back and are adjustable

Rong also comes with 2 custom made steampunk eyes by CreamSoda that reflect the light perfectly and photograph beautifully.

Also included is a Monique wig styled by CreamSoda. Her hair has been piled high, secured with small bobbypins and has 2 tiny braids added. Her hair can be let down which shows off waist length beautifully highlighted hair.

Rong’s faceup, manicure and blushing were done with premium acrylics and pastels and sealed with MSC. by CreamSoda

This fullset will be the talk of the town and is truly a one of a kind work of art.

Rong is double jointed poses beautifully, and is a pleasure to play with.

She comes from a smoke free/pet free home studio

LAYAWAY is available
Terms: 1/2 down at the end of the auction (non-refundable) and the balance within 30 days

See my other listings for more great items!


Resinsoul JU fullset -Sass & Soul [SOLD]

Ju’s faceup and manicure were done with premium acrylics and pastels and sealed with MSC  by CreamSoda.  Her one of a kind 3/4 length dress was made from antique hand embroidered cotton, embroidered with all over delicate designs for a very romantic english garden look.  The attached under skirt is made of a very fine bridal tulle with light boning at the hem to give just the right amount of support for this beautiful dress.

The pleated pinafore is made in a beautiful navy cotton with a gentle herringbone pattern and does up at the back with a snap.

The outfit is finished off with a pair of navy and white striped thigh high socks with a second pair of white lace knee socks that have been scrunched down around her ankles.

“Bitsy” is handmade by CreamSoda and the perfect friend for Ju.

Her muslin body had been coffee dyed for the Gramma’s attic look. her face, socks and shoes have all been painted with acrylics.
Bitsy’s cute little head has been topped with yarn pigtails and her dress is made of coordinating cottons.
Her body is slightly floppy so she can be draped naturally over an arm or sit.

Ju has been SOLD and is very happy in her new home 🙂

Custom modded OOAK Resin Soul “Mei” Fairy with complete outfit MSD 42cm [SOLD]

When this girl came to me she had a wonderful, and maybe a bit mischievous little fairy inside of her.

Here she is now all blossomed out into what she was meant to be all along.

Mei arrived new and as a blank slate to me 1 week ago, her life here began by being unstrung and sprayed with two coats of protective msc sealer. She then received her body blushing and faceup, which is when she revealed who she truly was. (finished and sealed with 7 coats of MSC) From there Mei’s character developed with a custom wig of snow white Tibetan lambs wool and my own custom made eyes made especially for her.

Mei’s dress bodice and upper skirt are made of silk with a rich but delicate pattern in black and earth tones, edged with black cotton crocheted lace trim. The underskirt is made in a black cotton tiny floral print finished with lace edging. Two tiny antique brass colored skeleton keys hang at the side of her dress, telling secrets of hidden forest finds. An accent of beads and a vintage teardrop rhinestone adorn the center of Mei’s bodice and a matching necklace graces her delicate neck.

The armbands and matching socks are the perfect whimsical touch, with playful white polka dots circled with silver sparkles. The toes of the socks have been wired and padded so they can either be curled or left long and pointy. (Mei likes them curled)

The wings were made by a talented artist. I have drilled holes into Mei’s back and inserted brass tubes inside. I also put a slightly smaller brass tube onto the ends of the wings so that they can be slid inside of the ones in her back to secure the wings. This way the wings can be easily changed or not worn.

Mei will be shipped without her wings on so they don’t get damaged in transit. I will also send her with a bit of clear wax that can be put at the top of the wing tube before putting them into her back which will make sure that they don’t rotate or move around while she is being played with. Mei anxiously looks forward to exploring a new home

Mei’s measurements








CHEST 15.5cm

WAIST 11cm

HIP 17cm

”CottonCandy” Dress Set [SOLD]

One of a kind “CottonCandy” Dress set

for ball jointed MSD sized dolls




Ooak doll fashions by Cream Soda
This beautiful one-of-a-kind Msd sized outfit has been lovingly reconstructed from vintage garments
with added trims and embellishments.
This set includes a ruffled leg jumpsuit with an over apron.
The jumpsuit made of a pretty muted blue cotton decorated with tiny hobnail knots for a perfect texture.
The jumpsuit does up at the shoulders with elaborate embossed buttons with crystal centers.
The legs are finished with with double ruffles in matching cottons and trimmed in a perfectly hand crocheted pastel scalloped edge.
The apron is hand embroidered in delicate florals and also has crocheted trim to match the leg ruffles of the jumpsuit.
The apron ties in the back to instantly dress up this great playsuit.
This set also comes with 2 matching raw edged hair ties.
This dress will also fit Ellowyne, Nyssa and other like sized dolls
Treat your doll to a One-of-a-kind original by CREAM SODA
Doll, jewellery, shoes, socks and props are not included in this sale.
Cream Soda items are made in a pet free and smoke free home.