“AIDEEN” Fullset by CreamSoda Aidolls/Custom House Ange yosd custom BJD [SOLD]

“AIDEEN” Celtic for “Little Fire”
This little fire comes to you as a fullset from CreamSoda.

Aideen is an Ange Uri sculpt from Aidolls/Custom House. This sweetheart is full of character her very own and can very rarely be found without her pal “Ears”.

This Pair is ready for the trip to a new home . The inside of Aideen’s headcap is signed and dated by Rhonda at CreamSoda

New only removed from her box for faceup and dressing

Fullset includes:

  • AIdolls Ange Uri 27cm
  • custom faceup by CreamSoda
  • eyes
  • Tibetan wool wig
  • tights
  • sun dress (design by CreamSoda)
  • shoes
  • hair ribbons
  • bunny “Ears”
  • Birth certificate from Aidolls


  • Height-27cm
  • Neck circumference-6.8cm
  • Chest circumference-12.5cm
  • Waist circumference-13cm
  • Hip circumference-14.5cm
  • wrist circumference-3.6cm
  • Right hand width-2.3cm
  • Left hand width-2.3cm
  • Ankle circumference-5cm
  • Knee circumference-6cm
  • Shoulder to wrist-3.8cm
  • Elbow to wrist-3.2cm
  • Naval to knee-3.7cm
  • Knee to feet-6.5cm
  • Shoulder width-4.5cm
  • Shoulder width including arms-6.5cm
  • Head size-6~7inch
  • Feet size-4cm

Eye size- 14mm