CreamSoda BJD featured in Haute Doll July/August 2016 Issue

It is with great pleasure that our dolls have recently graced the pages of Haute Doll magazine, as seen in the July/August issue.

Lower-res capture of the pages printed here.


Article text from “Full Circle” write-up, pages 40-41 and TOC, Haute Doll July/August 2016:

Rhonda Ingram-Calhoun was a polymer-clay artist making one-of-a-kind (OOAK) figures, including dolls, when she first discovered BJDs. She was soon hooked, and established CreamSoda Fasions to sell her OOAK outfits. From BJD fashions, she expanded to face-ups, and almost inevitably returned to sculpting – this time, with the goal of making her own BJD designs.

It took a few years to teach herself the craft of making ball joints and to finish a doll design she was satisfied with. But Ingram-Calhoun persevered, and eventually released Cassie in custom resin colors in a very limited edition of 20, and Cream Soda Fashions became CreamSoda BJDs.

“I sculpted Cassie to be everything I wanted to see in a doll, including her elven ears, toes, and fingers; rotund behind; and heavy thighs.” the artist said. “She was a magical journey into the endless possibilities of imagination and doll sculpting.”

Cassie was followed by Lily, a limited edition of 30 in two resin colors: Winter Blush and Caramel. “With Lily I was able to explore further into what I wanted to see in a BJD as a collector myself. I challenge myself to always come up with something new as far as design and the mechanics of the doll,” the artist said. “Lily has 19 points of articulation, maker her a dream to play with, as well as having the cutest little sculpted-on panties.

“My newest doll, Lacey, was pushed further. Her 21 points of articulation make the possibilities for posing, play, and photography endless. Lacey exudes character and shows new personality every time I put the finishing touches on different face-ups or outfits for her. When I was sculpting Lacey, I envisioned her as an old, cast-aside attic toy, so she has an antique brass key that hangs from her necklace and fits into an ornately sculpted keyhole in her back.”

In addition to her BJD creations, Ingram-Calhoun continues to sculpt OOAK clay dolls. She said she’s planning to design more heads for the Lacey body as well as coming up with entire new BJD deigns in the future. – HD

Use by permission, Haute Doll magazine content and logo remain property of their respective owners. Info & Photos by Rhonda Ingram-Calhoun.