Custom modded OOAK Resin Soul “Mei” Fairy with complete outfit MSD 42cm [SOLD]

When this girl came to me she had a wonderful, and maybe a bit mischievous little fairy inside of her.

Here she is now all blossomed out into what she was meant to be all along.

Mei arrived new and as a blank slate to me 1 week ago, her life here began by being unstrung and sprayed with two coats of protective msc sealer. She then received her body blushing and faceup, which is when she revealed who she truly was. (finished and sealed with 7 coats of MSC) From there Mei’s character developed with a custom wig of snow white Tibetan lambs wool and my own custom made eyes made especially for her.

Mei’s dress bodice and upper skirt are made of silk with a rich but delicate pattern in black and earth tones, edged with black cotton crocheted lace trim. The underskirt is made in a black cotton tiny floral print finished with lace edging. Two tiny antique brass colored skeleton keys hang at the side of her dress, telling secrets of hidden forest finds. An accent of beads and a vintage teardrop rhinestone adorn the center of Mei’s bodice and a matching necklace graces her delicate neck.

The armbands and matching socks are the perfect whimsical touch, with playful white polka dots circled with silver sparkles. The toes of the socks have been wired and padded so they can either be curled or left long and pointy. (Mei likes them curled)

The wings were made by a talented artist. I have drilled holes into Mei’s back and inserted brass tubes inside. I also put a slightly smaller brass tube onto the ends of the wings so that they can be slid inside of the ones in her back to secure the wings. This way the wings can be easily changed or not worn.

Mei will be shipped without her wings on so they don’t get damaged in transit. I will also send her with a bit of clear wax that can be put at the top of the wing tube before putting them into her back which will make sure that they don’t rotate or move around while she is being played with. Mei anxiously looks forward to exploring a new home

Mei’s measurements








CHEST 15.5cm

WAIST 11cm

HIP 17cm