Lily Sneak Peek

Hi Everyone!

If you have been following Lily's progress you know her clay master went off to a new factory for molds the beginning of December 2013.

Then there was Christmas and Chinese New year so she got off to a slow start there.

Well after a very long wait and figuring I may not ever see her again….let me tell you , that was a bit scarry she finally arrived back at home.

I found out the hard way, if you're mostly happy with the work from one factory ya better just stay there!

To say the least I was dissapointed with the finishing and the resin and Lily is off to my original factory to be recast properly.

But the good news is Lily is a delight to play with and I am happy to have her back in my hands again 🙂


I've spent the past few days playing with faceups and ideas for fullsets for her.

I haven't decided on a date yet to start the preorder but I will keep everyone up to date both here and on facebook as well as on The Resin Cafe

I managed to get some time to take a whack of pictures to share with you,

so here's a sneak peek in Caramel and Normal resin

For those of you that don't know Lily is yosd size (27cm -10 inches), is double jointed and has sculpted panties that you can paint any color you like. I will be doing a "parade of panties" contest later to see what you all come up with, a good chance to let your imagination run wild 🙂

I'm really looking forward to that!



7 thoughts on “Lily Sneak Peek”

  1. Hi RhondaM I just about died when I saw Lily’s photos in my email! She is to die for! Absolutely incredible! Please please please let us know when her preorder is ready. I HAVE TO HAVE HER!

    1. Haha Shaira, I have to say when I unpacked her resin sample I thought of you 🙂 Preorder is tentatively set for May10/2014. Don’t worry I’ll keep you up to date…. HUGS!

        1. The current pics all have my faceup and can be an option for sure.  For Lily’s preorder I am lucky to be collaborating with the very talented Andrea of AngelToast.  I should have samples of Andrea’s faceup for Lily back in about 3 weeks, just before the preorder opens. I can hardly wait to see what she creates for us

    1. Thanks so much! Everything always works out wonderfully, just the odd rutt in the road that catches me off guard 🙂

      I’ts good to see you again, I hope all is well and your gang over there are all still keeping you busy.

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