Lily Yo-SD (making of…)

I peered into the darkness of my studio storage closet making out the form of a small shoebox. It sat high on the top shelf tucked between styrofoam balls, pipecleaners, paintbrushes and other miscellaneous supplies that had gathered over the past 2 years…


This is Lily

I started her in August of 2011 and got busy with life and a couple of moves so she was tucked away but not forgotten until last week when I pulled her out and once again began work on her.

I found that her original midsection and legs were longer than I liked so a little chop here and there and we were off and running.

This is where I had left off last time, with the long middle torso piece that I decided I didn't like, and the long legs.

Image by CreamSoda BJD


Here I decided to add a ball joint for the center/tummy piece and gave her a quick stringing to test posing and the workings so far.

This is the first of MANY test stringings that happen between now and finish. After every change I make that may affect balance or mobility the doll has to be strung and unstrung.

My elastic gets a real workout.



I spent a couple hours on lips, always a challenge for me to get just the way I want them . I love working with paperclay but sometimes I find tiny detail difficult with the fibers in the clay…..always up to a challenge 🙂

I also shortened the neck and upper torso a bit cause she was a bit lankier than I wanted her to be.

I think the most important thing to go by when you are sculpting is "never be afraid" Hack and whack, add more and take it away. You can't wreck anything permanently and ya never know what great things may come out of what you figured were you mess ups.

In this sitting Lily also got a tummy and butt and her arms were cut to get ready for elbows.

Then another test stringing 🙂



June 14/2013


I worked on Lily's face a bit more today and sculpted her a cute pair of her own panties.

Then we PLAYED 🙂 She doesn't have feet, elbows, hands or knees but she didn't seem to mind much



June 20/2013

Today with Lily was one of those days when you spend ALL Day and don't really get anywhere 🙂

There are lots of days like that when I'm sculpting. I spent most of today trying different things for her double jointed elbows….Yeehawww I have one pretty much finished LOL

I also shortened her neck a bit and made one hand.

Lily's face is finished too….I added eyelids, more clay to her upper cheek area and a brow.

Next she needs ears, which I kind of forgot about….poor girl

It's been really grey and gloomy here all week so I will try to get some pictures in the next couple days to update the progress.

Tomorrow I'll work on ears and the other elbow joint

June 26/2013

Lily has been coming along slowly but well.

I have her double jointed elbows and hands done though both are still rough and need a bit more sanding and primping. She also got her ears!

I snapped a few pictures of her today to share with you. She looks pretty happy and proud of herself 🙂

I'm really looking forward to getting a temporary faceup on this sweetheart, but I'm fighting the urge to jump ahead of myself.

I think I'm going to move onto leg joints and feet next, and yes of course she is going to have cutie toes too!

How could she not?



August 1/2013



I'm a bit overdue on an update for Lily, I've been so busy with her I have been lacking in my posting duties 🙂


Since the last update I Made a few changes.

I sculpted a new set of hands, the first ones were a bit chunkier than I wanted and I roughed in her little feet.

I have also added a bit more eyelid and thinned them a titch.

Last but not least a ton of sanding and some more primer

Here's a quick snap of her rough feet and new hands

New hands feet


Aug 7/13


It's been a bit rainy and dreary here over the past few days so I haven't been able to do any priming.

That means ……PLAYTIME! ……WHOOT!

I did manage to get her hands and feet finished and primed up since last time we met, so that't good news

I did a test stringing and designed a little dress for our girl and snapped a few new pictures.

Poor Mister Beans has been getting "what for" all morning because he has started refusing to eat the lima beans Lily has been throwing under the table.

Give him any other kinda beans but there is just nooooooo twisting his ears on those lima beans!


I also made a dress form double of Lily's body so that I can still sew for her while she is off in China being reproduced. I wish I had thought to do the same for Cassie before I sent her off. Guessing sizes is not such a great idea when designing LOL. Though I have done sillier things

dress form

If you sew for your girls , these duct tape dress forms are GREAT and easy to make.

Just wrap a plastic bag or saran wrap around your doll from neck to midway between thigh and knees and tape it on. I also put a bit around her shoulders.

Next I cut strips of duct tape about 2 inches long and cut the width down into 3 pieces because she is small the thinner strips worked best.

Start adding the tape over the plastic til it's all covered. When it's all done turn your doll over so you are looking at the backside and carefully with manicure scissors cut all the way up the back from knee to neck.

Be very careful to take small snips so you don't scratch your doll and DON'T use an exacto knife!

Slip the form off your doll and then tape the back up again. You should have a perfect model of your doll now.

Tape up the hole in the neck and arms and stuff in fiberfill in until it's solid. About half way I added a dowel inside for the stand. it also works to add an actual doll stand with the top half inside. Finish stuffing the form and tape the bottom shut.

There you have it! If you added a dowel now you can add a block of wood for the platform.

I made a tube of stretch lace to slip over the form just to pretty it up a bit.

I think I'll make one of these for all my girls.

I once did this to make a dressform for myself. First putting on a large t-shirt and duct taping myself in. It's actually better to have help for the fullsize one and a guaranteed good time …haha

For the my sized form I used spray foam to fill it up after it was finished the kind that expands when you spray it. I think I'll try the spray foam on the next doll sized form I make.


August 11/2013



Well yesterday I spent the day spraying the grey away on Lily so I had a nice kinda fleshy base to work with.

This time I actually let it dry overnight, unlike the mess I made on Cassie when I let my impatience get the best of me 🙂


So today I got to spend the day messing about painting this little Miss.

Her panties were a ton of fun to paint and they turned out wonderfully. I added lace trim to them when I was finished just cause I could and I wasn't quite finished playing around.

It's going to be a hoot to see what great ideas different people come up with for painting and embellishing her panties

Then a temporary faceup just to see how she was going to come to life.

Of course painting on clay and layers of primer is never the same as the surface of resin and any boo-boo's just stay put.

I never seal a temp faceup making it impossible to remove messups….. that is unless I want to sand it off and start over…NOT.

I have a basket full of wool roving from a past lifetime when I tried, and failed, at needle felting mini dogs that ended up looking more like turtles…if you can imagine that LOL

So Lily's new wig was born.

Making these felted wigs is a lot of fun but incredibly time consuming…a whole day.

At least the way I do it, which is pretty much by the seat of my pants. Really I had no idea how to go about making one, just dove in, and it worked!

At least it doesn't look like a turtle….ummmm I think 😉

Over the next week or so I will be fixing up a few little things on Lily and working on one more magnet attachment inside her headcap. Much more sanding and back into grey primer.

Lily will be the first resin of the New year.

I have 2 more dolls to finish working on that I started 2 and 3 years ago now orrrrrr, I may just start another new one. Too many dollies dancing on my brain and not enough hours in the day for Meeeeee.


LILY(c)2015 CreamSoda BJD (c)2015 CreamSoda BJD (c)2015 CreamSoda BJD

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