Meet the Models


This page lists the various models used for sizing CreamSoda BJD fashions.



Source: Doll Zone
Style: Reiko (MSD body with custom face-up)
Height: 44 cm
Head: 18.5 cm
Neck: 7 cm
Arm length: 12.5 cm
Waist: 13 cm
Back length: 10 cm
Shoulder width: 8.5 cm
Breast size: 18 cm
Hip size: 17 cm



Source: AIDoll Hani 
Size: Ang/YoSD
Neck circumference-6.8cm
Chest circumference-12.5cm
Waist circumference-13cm
Hip circumference-14.5cm
Wrist circumference-3.6cm
Right hand width-2.3cm
Left hand width-2.3cm
Ankle circumference-5cm
Knee circumference-6cm
Shoulder to wrist-3.8cm
Elbow to wrist-3.2cm
Naval to knee-3.7cm
Knee to feet-6.5cm
Shoulder width-4.5cm
Shoulder width including arms-6.5cm
Head size-6~7inch
Feet size-4cm




Source: Elf Doll June (with custom face-up)
Circumference of Neck: 9.5cm
Length of Neck (From Under Chin to Shoulders: 3.5cm
Circumference of Shoulders: 28.25cm
Circumference of Chest (Breast Plate): 25cm
Circumference of Waist: 18cm
Circumference of Hips: 25.25cm
Length of Front Torso (From Shoulder to Crotch): 23cm
Length of Back Torso (From Shoulder to Crotch): 20cm
Circumference of Upper Arm: 7.25cm
Circumference of Lower Arm: 6.5cm
Length of Arm (From Shoulder Joint to Wrist Joint): 19.5cm
Length of Hand: 5cm
Circumference of Upper Leg (Thigh): 16cm
Circumference of Knee area: 10cm
Circumference of Lower Leg (largest Calf): 10.5cm
Length of Leg (From Hip Joint to Ankle Joint): 28cm
Foot Length: 7cm
Foot Width: 2.5cm



Source: CreamSoda BJD Cassie Wood Elf
Size: SD

Height: 56 cm
Shoulder width: 11cm
Under bust 18 cm
Head Circumference: 21 cm
Neck Circumference: 9 cm
Waist(around belly): 28 cm
Chest Circumference: 21 cm
Hip(widest point): 38 cm
Arm length: 18.5 cm
Foot length: 6.5 cm- Width 3cm


(c)2015 CreamSoda BJD



Image by CreamSoda BJD


Source: CreamSoda BJD Lily
Size: yo-sd- 1/6
Height : 26 cm
Circumference of head : 16 cm (size 6-7 wig)
Circumference of chest : 13cm
Length of arm : 8.5 cm
Inseam : 9.5cm
Circumference of waist : 11.5 cm
Hips(around bum) : 16.5 cm
Eyes: 14mm or 12mm
Length of foot : 3.8 cm- Width 1.8cm



Source: Limhwa Doll International
Style: ForYou 43 cm size (MSD) ball jointed doll
Eye size: 14 mm
head circumference: 16.5 cm (6.5 inches)
thigh circumference: 11 cm
neck circumference: 7 cm
leg length: 21 cm
big breast torso circumference: 18 cm
waist circumference: 13 cm
hip circumference: 19.5
foot length: 5.3 cm