Studio Update: May 2016

Hi everyone, in March I offered a second chance to bring Lacey home.

She has arrived from the casting house and I have begun to dismantle all of the dolls for painting.

The first dolls should be shipping about May 25/2016

I’m working hard to get as many of the dolls shipped out before I attend IDTS in Asheville, NC as possible. Any dolls that I can’t get finished before, will be sent out mid June after the show.

This is a very busy time for me. With everything that’s going on in the studio I’m designing new heads for the Lacey body, doll kits, making more OOAK Flower Fae as well as designing a new line of larger one of a kind ball jointed Catrina dolls.

On top of it all we’re planning a move at the beginning of August, finally getting back to Mexico where artistic creativity soars for me. I’m looking forward to continuing my sculpting as well as finding time to paint and create in other mediums.

Check out the information for IDTS here

I’ll keep you posted!


Lacey order dolls have arrived!

Lacey has arrived a bit earlier than expected, a wonderful surprise!

The casting house has done an amazing job again.

I have started to paint the girls and am shipping the first ones this week. I will be sending out shipping invoices for any Lacey’s that have been paid for so keep an eyes out, she’s anxious to get home 🙂

Thank you once again to all those that support my work, it wouldn’t be possible without my wonderful collectors.

Giant HUGS to everyone!


Thank you!



Lacey’s Pre-order is now closed and she has been ordered from the casting house.

I expect the order dolls to arrive by the end of January. If everything stays on schedule I should have the girls painted and shipped by mid February.

I’ll keep everyone posted.

Thank you to everyone that ordered Lacey, I can hardly wait to see pictures of what you all do with her.

Best wishes to you and yours for a happy and safe holiday season!

Lacey sample dolls have arrived!

Finally, Lacey is in resin, and it’s beautiful!

The casting house has done a great job as usual, they are not the quickest or the cheapest but they are the best in my opinion.

Our girl is super fun to play with so I’ve been spending a little extra time with her 🙂

Lacey is a slim MSD 17 inches/43cm tall with 21 points of articulation giving her lots of mobility.

This girl has a ton of personality and is begging or many different looks. I can hardly wait to see what collectors have envisioned for her.

Lacey has a decorative back piece that fits a key that will hang on a necklace. I sculpted this because while I was working on her I saw her as a forgotten attic toy so I’m looking forward to doing her up this way.

This is the way she measures out for everyone that likes to sew and make wigs:


I’m working now on getting her preorder page ready.

She will be in my “Desert Sand” resin which is a lovely slightly translucent normal with peachy undertones.

For preorder she will be offered either blank or nude with a faceup. I will be working on her default faceup this week and will post pictures as soon as I have it finished.

I will be doing some one of a kind fullsets for sale after all of the preorder dolls have been shipped out.

Preorder will run from Nov 21st to Dec 17th

Layaway will be available for either 2 or 3 payments.

Here are a few pictures of our playtime so far


Be sure to check out Lacey’s gallery page for tons of more pictures, this girl LOVES the camera!

See Lacey’s gallery here…. check back often, I’ll be adding pictures regularly.

See the history of creating Lacey, a compilation of all her WIP (Work In Progress) posts, here!


ANNA – Silent Soul #6 – ADOPTED

Please meet Anna, the 6th doll in my Silent Souls series.

Anna is a bit smaller than my last few girls standing at about 20 inches tall (51cm)

This precious girl is made on my “Bendy Body” giving her loads of posing possibilities.

Layers of hand dyed and distressed fabrics and laces were added to create her outfit.

Anna’s head, hands, neck, chest and legs were lovingly sculpted from a lump of paperclay. All her clay parts were dried for several days and painted in layers of acrylics and watercolors. I made her wig especially for her topping her off in tons of loose bouncing ginger waves and curls.

Mister, Anna’s favorite toy bunny has jointed arms and legs and was created by hand to match the style of the doll.

I hope you like her 🙂

UPDATE: I have changed Anna’s boots from her original clay ones to leather boots as in this picture.

Anna's new boots
Anna’s new boots

Anna and Emily



You can see Emily’s post here for more pictures:

Emily – Silent Soul #5 – ADOPTED


My little Emily, with a bit of a mischievous personality is the newest addition to the “Silent Soul” girls.

Emily’s head, chest plate, hands and lower legs are sculpted from paper clay. After the sculpting the parts are layered in 4 coats of a flesh tone acrylic paint, then they are carefully detailed with watercolor paints and pastels before finally getting several coats of a clear top coat for protection.

All of these parts are eventually attached to her soft body which is also wired and weighted allowing movement and a stable sit.

The neck and head also move on a ball joint adding personality.

The clothes are designed right on the doll body and are not removable. Each piece is meticulously stitched either by hand or machine.

Emily’s wig is made of Angora Goat fibers with each part being attached separately and then set on rollers for her curly tousled look.

The hours and love that go into these dolls is extensive, taking me about 2 weeks of 10 hour days to finish.

Emily stands about 23 inches or 59cm tall. She does not stand on her own.

All of my Silent Soul dolls are registered with the International Art Doll Registry so they each have unique identification numbers.

Although paper clay is quite durable and will not break under normal circumstances, this doll is considered a piece of art and not recommended as a child’s toy.

Emily comes with a doll stand, her artist’s COA tag, and IADR registration COA.

Aeris- Silent Soul #4

Introducing my latest doll Aeris.

It always amazes me when these girls come to life from nothing more than a lump of paper clay, a pile of fabric and of course a ton of love.

The head, breast plate, hands and lower legs/feet have been sculpted in paper clay and then painted using acrylics, watercolors and pastels. Everything has been sealed with several coats of sealer for protection.

My “Bendy Body” is made of muslin and wired for great posing. The head is also ball jointed for maximum attitude.

Aeris’s clothes are designed and made directly on the body and are not removable with the exception of her necklace and hat which can be removed.

I had great fun making her hat and Steampunk accessories. A lot of attention to detail has made up the wonderful personality of this doll.

My “Silent Soul” dolls come with their COA tags as well as being registered with The International Art Doll Registry.


This doll has been made without the use of molds of any kind and is a true one of a kind. No molds have been taken of her and she will NOT be reproduced at any time by me, the artist Rhonda Ingram-Calhoun.




Samantha- Silent Soul #3

Samantha, my little Bohemian Rhapsody is Silent Soul #3

This special beauty stands 58cm-23 inches tall and is on my “Bendy Body” making her uniquely posable, allowing her to express herself fully.

Samantha is a OOAK clay with cloth body doll and also has a ball jointed neck for full range of head movement.

I had so much fun watching this girl come to life, I hope you love!

Samantha is adopted and residing in a loving private collection 🙂

April comes to life!

April is my second ooak paper clay and cloth doll. Sasha was my first and was on a jointed cloth body giving her some poseabliity  but not as much as I wanted to have in my girls.


My dolls have always been born out of my ideas of what I want to see in a doll, making them a bit different than what you would normally see in the marketplace.

Soooo I went to dreaming up the new body that I call “The bendy body” .


Through this I was able to combine my two loves, art dolls and bjd’s.

Thus April came to life.

Standing 54-56cm her head, chest plate, lower arms and legs are paper clay. She is finished with acrylic paints with a smattering of freckles. I have given beautiful blonde human hair with a couple little streaks of my own dark hair thrown in there.

April is dressed in lovely coffee stained sage silk, fringe shawl, garden hat and leather boots for her one of a kind look.

Accompanying April is her little ooak doll Becky always by her side.


**April and Becky have been adopted and are now in a private collection

Sasha OOAK Paperclay and cloth body doll

Sasha is a project I have been wanting to bring to life for some time and finally was able to get to.

She is a special little soul standing 47cm or 18.5 inches tall with a paper clay head, chest plate, hands and lower legs. Her body is jointed cloth- "doe skin"

Her clothes are not removable with the exception of her boots.

She has been painted using acrylics, watercolors and pastels all carefully sealed with a high quality artist's clear coat.

Sasha's jointed cloth body allows her to sit or stand with the use of a doll stand. 

I had so much fun with this girl that I plan to make her some sisters.  A new line of ooak cloth body dolls ~ "Silent Souls"

Here are a bunch of pictures from her journey, hope you like her 🙂



Popcorn, Peanuts and Lily – ADOPTED

Well after a long move, we kicked it off right with a grand trip to the County Fair!

Lily was first in line for festive face painting by the talented Cecile of Heliantas.

Full of giggles and a bit of cotton candy she was off again dragging me along straight toward an extremely tall clown with the most colorful bunch of balloons I had ever seen.  Lily carefully selected a pretty red one and once again we were dashing off in the direction of the ferris wheel……..



Lily has been in my personal collection and is now ready to find her forever home.

Lily is an Artist’s proof one of a kind.  The resin is normal yellow and a color that I only received this one doll in. I will not be offering this color in the future.


For collectors that are unfamiliar with Lily she does have molded panties with attached lace

She comes as a fullset doll including:


Lily artist’s proof doll -resin normal yellow (yo-sd 27cm)

OOAK faceup by Heliantas

body and hand blushing

painted panties with lace

OOAK outfit includes: overalls, shirt, socks, hat, pocket flowers, sculpted balloon

faux fur wig, silicone wig cap, eyes, shoes

Lily also comes with her COA, protective satin bag, and doll box


$675 includes shipping


Lily’s Measurements:
Height:  10″  (26cm)
Head: 6.5″  (16cm)
Shoulder to wrist: 3.25″ (8.5cm)
Inseam: 3.75″  (9.5cm)
Chest: 5.25″  (13cm)
Waist: 4.5″  (11.5cm)
Hips around bum: 6.5″ (16.5cm)
Foot:  1.5″ x .75″  (3.8cm x 1.8cm)
Wig: 6-7
Eyes: 14mm or 12mm 

Studio News update

The studio has been buzzing with activity these days, working to get everything finished up.

Full set Cassie’s are getting all packed up now for their journey home and will be all off in the next couple of days.

Any special order dolls or custom outfits will be sent in the next 2 weeks.

If anyone wanted a Cassie full set in Desert sand resin but missed her, Denver Doll Emporium has just 2 of these special wood elves.  They should be available on their site in the next few days.



I’ve been lax on posting works in progress but have 3 new dolls at various stages of development that are kind of on the back burner. I hope to get to work on making posts for them soon.


Making the cross border move

In the next month I’ll be relocating myself and the studio from Canada, across the border to Arizona. It’s been a 3 year sea of paperwork to join my husband in the United States but the final papers have arrived! YAY.

I am looking forward to getting reaquainted with my husband and can hardly wait to get the new studio all set up and start attending some doll shows in the US.


So if you don’t see much happening here or on Facebook for the next month or so, that’s why. I haven’t disappeared, just getting moved and settled in. I’ll be sure to surface once in awhile for updates.


See you soon!

Studio News

Things have been pretty busy these days in the studio.

I have finished shipping all the preorder Lily’s off to her new homes. If anyone missed getting Lily and you still wants to bring her home, there are just a few still available still at Denver Doll Emporium here 

Denver Doll Emporium will soon have limited edition outfits for Lily and other yo-sd girls of similar size, so please do stop by there to have a peek.


One lucky Lily will be going to the Ldoll Festival in France. She will be appearing there with Heliantas/AntiK FabriKs as an OOAK clown. Cecile has wonderfully transformed Lily into a super cute little clown.


Preorder Cassie’s have arrived! I’ll be starting to paint them next week and will be shipping blank dolls this week with fullset dolls shipping about the end of September.

Preorder Cassie's Desert Sand resin


Thank you for following my work …. here’s to keeping the dust flying!

Dolly HUGS,



Lily has arrived!

Lily arrived from the factory yesterday. All of her cute fingers and toes are accounted for.

I finished painting and decorating doll boxes for her today.

Blank dolls will be shipped Monday. Watch for shipping invoices.

All the heads for face-up dolls will be shipped to AngelToast on Monday as well and I will be starting the body blushing and panty painting right away.

I expect to be shipping painted and full-set dolls by the first week in September.

I'll post any updates I have 🙂


(c)2015 CreamSoda BJD


Lily now available at Denver Doll Emporium

Great news!

For anyone that missed the Lily preorder and would like to bring her home.

Lily full-set dolls are now available at Denver Doll Emporium in very limited numbers for delivery in September. 

You can find her here

CreamSoda clothing for Lily and other yo-sd sized girls will also be coming soon to DDE.

(c)2015 CreamSoda BJD (c)2015 CreamSoda BJD  (c)2015 CreamSoda BJD


Lily is now on her way back to my studio from the factory. Once she arrives I will check all the dolls and send out any blank dolls right away.

Faced-up and full set dolls will be shipping about 3 weeks later.

Loads of Lily


I’ll be adding many more galleries here for Lily over the next couple months so check back often

Lily’s preorder will be open from May,15 /2014 until June,5 /2014. She will be available at that time in both “Winter Blush and “Caramel”





Lily Sneak Peek

Hi Everyone!

If you have been following Lily's progress you know her clay master went off to a new factory for molds the beginning of December 2013.

Then there was Christmas and Chinese New year so she got off to a slow start there.

Well after a very long wait and figuring I may not ever see her again….let me tell you , that was a bit scarry she finally arrived back at home.

I found out the hard way, if you're mostly happy with the work from one factory ya better just stay there!

To say the least I was dissapointed with the finishing and the resin and Lily is off to my original factory to be recast properly.

But the good news is Lily is a delight to play with and I am happy to have her back in my hands again 🙂


I've spent the past few days playing with faceups and ideas for fullsets for her.

I haven't decided on a date yet to start the preorder but I will keep everyone up to date both here and on facebook as well as on The Resin Cafe

I managed to get some time to take a whack of pictures to share with you,

so here's a sneak peek in Caramel and Normal resin

For those of you that don't know Lily is yosd size (27cm -10 inches), is double jointed and has sculpted panties that you can paint any color you like. I will be doing a "parade of panties" contest later to see what you all come up with, a good chance to let your imagination run wild 🙂

I'm really looking forward to that!