Madalyn – a custom Soul Doll Zenith fairy, Fullset [SOLD]

Dragonfly Fairy
Soul Doll Zenith Fullset

The newest offering from CreamSoda is the stunning Madalyn sculpt by Souldoll.

Madalyn is a zenith sized girl in white skin with a Souldoll faceup.

I have modded her adding brass tubes into her back to recieve wings. Her wings are wired and beautifully detailed with micro beads, glitter, copper wires and pretty findings.

Added to the end of the wings are smaller brass tubes which simply telescope into the tubes in her back for easy placement.
When she arrives in her new home I suggest adding a drop of epoxy glue to the end of the wing tube before sliding it into the back tube to permanently fix them, otherwise they will rotate out of place. I have used eye putty to keep them from rotating for pictures, which you could also do it you don’t plan to always have her wings in.

For shipping I have left them removable to ensure they won’t be damaged in transit.

This beautiful girl will also come with her gown which has been hand painted in verigated colors from browns at the bottom edge, fading into a moss green.
Her beautiful crown is made from brass wire, and beads. It pins to her wig and is removable.
She will also come with the beautiful wig and eyes pictured

Fullset includes:
•    Madalyn Zenith from Souldoll with faceup
•    Ooak CreamSoda gown
•    Handmade beaded crown and wings
•    Monique wig
•    Glass eyes
•    Original Souldoll box
•    Packing pillow
•    Certificate

Madalyn’s measurements:
•    Height: 63.5 cm
•    Head : 20.5 cm
•    Neck : 9.5 cm
•    Chest : 26 cm
•    Waist : 17 cm
•    Hips : 26.5 cm
•    Shoulder width(with arms) : 13.3 cm
•    Foot length : 8.3 cm
•    Foot width : 3 cm

Ships EMS $70.00 in Canada and the United States
Other destinations $160

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(Starting bid at just $685!)
Dragonfly Fairy Madalyn Soul Doll Zenith Fullset by CreamSoda


Elysia is (perhaps a bit vain, but don’t tell her I said that) a fairy in a shoe, she is brushing her hair and gazing into the mirror at her beautiful self. She doesn’t care to wear anything on top because, well, you see it itches her wings, and besides (she thinks) if you got em, flaunt em. She is draped in some furry frilly looking feather boa, and wears heels.. she was recently heard singing “these shoes were made for walkin, and that’s what I’m gonna do..” Who knows what tricks she may have up her sleeve next..


Ana, Rhonda’s first teacup fairy for 2010, sits basking in the rays of light coming from the sun or whichever lightsource may be near by. She is a princess and hence wears a golden crown on her head.

Few folk have seen a fairy,

but I found this one for you.

If you believe with all your might,

she’ll make your dreams come true.

Liliana / Frog Sculpt —SOLD

Liliana and her pond friend (the frog prince? only she knows for sure!) has been SOLD to a private collection.

Liliana would be 4 1/2 inches if standing. She is made with premium polymer clays over a sturdy wire armature. Her skin is lightly blushed with heat set oil paints to bring her to life, her hand-painted eyes are finished with individually placed eyelashes. Liliana’s hair is made from a unique blend of natural undyed angora and mohair, and finished with handcurled tiny ringlets to frame her sweet face. Her skirts made of light soft fabric are complimented by a hand-beaded bodice of flowers and acented with tiny pearls. Liliana’s delicate wings are made of irredecent film, carefully placed over a wire frame, making them lightly posable — decorated with micro beads, glitter and Swarovski crystals.

Liliana’s toad friend is also a pure sculpt of polymer clay, about 2 1/2 inches tall and 4 inches wide, very life-like as far as look feel and weight.  He sits  silently as he proudly accepts Liliana’s offering of a forest crown made of leaves, berries and beads.

Here are some photos of the work in progress as well the completed pair …

Sure to bring a smile to your face as they do to mine 🙂

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Aurelie (immortal)

Creator: Rhonda Calhoun

Aurelie (immortal).

That brown speck on the tundra,

that thing like lint

on a white dress,

that’s me.

Move a little closer.

Seems we’ve been here since the Vikings,

since way before you.

Aurelie and me.

Gentle feet dancing lightly on cold stone,

watching over me.

Time fades.

We go on through time, standing, dancing,

bathing in natures soft glow.

Aurelie and Me.