Sookie : OOAK Custom ResinSoul Mei MSD BJD FullSet [SOLD]

My newest one of a kind fullset is Finished!

“Sookie” is a resin Soul MSD sculpt-Mei in normal skin

This little girl is full of character that can only be called “hers”

Sookie has been given a light body blushing and a one of a kind  gothic style faceup.

She has also been given a manicure with lovely purple polish.

Our faceups are always finished with 8-10 coats of MSC sealer for lasting durability.

Sookie comes as a fullset  with everything listed:

  • ResinSoul Mei -normal skin with OOAK CreamSoda faceup, blushing and manicure
  • Short, streaked Monique wig
  • Glass eyes
  • Silicone wig cap
  • Top
  • Plaid skirt
  • Net skirt
  • Gloves
  • Stockings
  • Waist chain
  • Shoes

Sookie’s measurements:

  • Height 42CM
  • Arm length  11.5CM
  • Leg length 21CM
  • Foot length 5.5CM
  • Head size 17CM
  • Neck size  8CM
  • Shoulder width  7.5CM
  • Chest  15.5CM
  • Waist  11CM

Price: $425.00

Shipping $35 flat-rate (to US and Canada)


*DAISY* custom ResinSoul Ju MSD BJD [SOLD]

This wonderful little girl is a Resin Soul Ju sculpt msd

Daisy is full of character, a bit stubborn and bossy telling me all the way her mind and sassy opinions 🙂

With a cute freckled face, dyed and styled wool wig as well as glass eyes.

Keep an eye on her progress. Body blushing comes up next …and of course more lovely freckles in all the right places

Finally after about a million and two tiny little freckles Daisy’s body is all done and attached once again to her head

And here is this sweet little Daisy all finished up! She has a cute little country romper with a removable apron, striped thigh highs and grey ankle socks.  Her whole outfit has been tea dyed for the wonderful antiqued look I love.

Daisy also comes with her pal  Bitz who also has a well loved look.  My wonderful husband made miniature seed packets to slip into Daisy’s apron pocket.

Tattooed “RHEA” custom ResinSoul Li MSD BJD [SOLD]

Jan 28. 2011:
Hello, doll lovers!  I wanted to share with you my newest project,  her name is Rhea. Rhea is a Resin Soul “Li” (msd) in normal skin. For some time now, I have wanted to do a full tattoo on a special doll.  Not to mention the promptings of a certain wonderful customer and dolly friend 🙂

Jan 30, 2011:
A couple of days into the project and Rhea is coming to life.  Her tattoo is done completely freehand, and so far she has the basics.  Next I will do some large tattoos on her legs and feet, then on to her very special sweet face. Once she has the bulk of the tattoo work finished I’ll add more details and she will get an all over powdering to tone the lines down and then a complete faceup and body blushing. Of course as with all my dolls all the work will be sealed with 8-10 coats of MSC ensuring the work is well protected. Rhea , hasn’t yet let me know what she wants as far as a wig, which will more than likely be custom. She will be dressed minimally in a harem type outfit so the artwork won’t be completely covered. As soon as I have the tattoos finished (hopefully just a couple days) I will post an update so be sure to keep an eye out for her progress.

Feb 2, 2011:
Rhea now has her legs and feet as well as her body blushing. Her tattoos have been toned down so they look more natural.  She has been blushed everywhere you would expect her human counterpart to be for more realism, fingers , palms, buttocks, breasts, collarbone, belly etc. Ready now for a manicure and her faceup 🙂

( time passes … )
Rhea’s faceup is finished and she has been given a silky, flowing dancing skirt with a beaded chainmaille belt and matching chest adornment. A little more work on her wig and a manicure and pedicure and she is ready to dance for you 🙂

( sometime later .. and finally! )

Here she is “Rhea” all finished up and ready to dance her way into your heart.

I hope you enjoy her as much as I did creating her 🙂

Resinsoul grey skinned ”Rong” Steampunk fullset with custom faceup [SOLD]

Resinsoul grey skinned Rong
Steampunk fullset with custom faceup
Msd sized (42cm)


Short layaway available (see below for terms)
This auction is for a wonderful, Grey skin Rong from Resinsoul. MSD sized (42cm)
with custom faceup, manicure, blushing and steampunk outfit by CreamSoda

She comes complete with :

  • pair of CreamSoda steampunk eyes
  • custom faceup, manicure and blushing pictured by CreamSoda
  • over the knee socks with buckle detail
  • spats
  • ruffle shorts
  • laceup front waistcoat
  • sleeve pair with wrist flounces
  • black lace ascot with attached clockwork brooch
  • clockwork belt
  • garter with buckle detail
  • styled wig
  • steampunk monocle or goggles (buyers choice)

*** Parasol not included ***

The shoes pictured are not included as because I made them a bit tight for her (it’s a bit like trying to squeeze the step sister’s foot into the glass slipper) I am concerned that either the foot or the shoe will break over time.

I can make a new pair of shoes available in about 2 weeks for purchase at a cost of $65.

These shoes are very expensive to make and take me about 3-4 days to do

This wonderful doll came to me blank with no makeup right from Resinsoul and I stared at her for 2 weeks (taking time out to eat of course)
until she told me what she wanted to be. Then it happened, out came the drawing paper and there she was. Next it was time to design the patterns for her special outfit.

Off to a perfect start, Rong’s little tan and black striped double ruffled shorts are accented with bows at the outer thigh and secure with a snap at the back. Her laceup front waistcoat was made from faux leather and complimentary blended cotton.

Once together it was detailed with a ton of topstitching and tiny antiqued brass eyelets.

Rong’s ascot is made of vintage black lace and sports an attached one of a kind brooch made from tiny watch parts and gears, finished off with amethyst beads and delicate antiqued chains.

Black stretch sleeves with bell flounce wrists are perfect for this outfit.

Rong’s buckle topped grey knit socks can be worn with or without the black stretch spats decorated at the sides with coppery nail head brads

A stretch lace garter with buckle detailing is worn on her upper thigh and a special belt sits at her pretty waist made of leather, jute and more steel and brass watch parts put together just right .

The crowning glory is an exceptional clockwork monocle or the goggles pictured (your choice) both do up with a buckle at the back and are adjustable

Rong also comes with 2 custom made steampunk eyes by CreamSoda that reflect the light perfectly and photograph beautifully.

Also included is a Monique wig styled by CreamSoda. Her hair has been piled high, secured with small bobbypins and has 2 tiny braids added. Her hair can be let down which shows off waist length beautifully highlighted hair.

Rong’s faceup, manicure and blushing were done with premium acrylics and pastels and sealed with MSC. by CreamSoda

This fullset will be the talk of the town and is truly a one of a kind work of art.

Rong is double jointed poses beautifully, and is a pleasure to play with.

She comes from a smoke free/pet free home studio

LAYAWAY is available
Terms: 1/2 down at the end of the auction (non-refundable) and the balance within 30 days

See my other listings for more great items!


Resinsoul JU fullset -Sass & Soul [SOLD]

Ju’s faceup and manicure were done with premium acrylics and pastels and sealed with MSC  by CreamSoda.  Her one of a kind 3/4 length dress was made from antique hand embroidered cotton, embroidered with all over delicate designs for a very romantic english garden look.  The attached under skirt is made of a very fine bridal tulle with light boning at the hem to give just the right amount of support for this beautiful dress.

The pleated pinafore is made in a beautiful navy cotton with a gentle herringbone pattern and does up at the back with a snap.

The outfit is finished off with a pair of navy and white striped thigh high socks with a second pair of white lace knee socks that have been scrunched down around her ankles.

“Bitsy” is handmade by CreamSoda and the perfect friend for Ju.

Her muslin body had been coffee dyed for the Gramma’s attic look. her face, socks and shoes have all been painted with acrylics.
Bitsy’s cute little head has been topped with yarn pigtails and her dress is made of coordinating cottons.
Her body is slightly floppy so she can be draped naturally over an arm or sit.

Ju has been SOLD and is very happy in her new home 🙂

Custom modded OOAK Resin Soul “Mei” Fairy with complete outfit MSD 42cm [SOLD]

When this girl came to me she had a wonderful, and maybe a bit mischievous little fairy inside of her.

Here she is now all blossomed out into what she was meant to be all along.

Mei arrived new and as a blank slate to me 1 week ago, her life here began by being unstrung and sprayed with two coats of protective msc sealer. She then received her body blushing and faceup, which is when she revealed who she truly was. (finished and sealed with 7 coats of MSC) From there Mei’s character developed with a custom wig of snow white Tibetan lambs wool and my own custom made eyes made especially for her.

Mei’s dress bodice and upper skirt are made of silk with a rich but delicate pattern in black and earth tones, edged with black cotton crocheted lace trim. The underskirt is made in a black cotton tiny floral print finished with lace edging. Two tiny antique brass colored skeleton keys hang at the side of her dress, telling secrets of hidden forest finds. An accent of beads and a vintage teardrop rhinestone adorn the center of Mei’s bodice and a matching necklace graces her delicate neck.

The armbands and matching socks are the perfect whimsical touch, with playful white polka dots circled with silver sparkles. The toes of the socks have been wired and padded so they can either be curled or left long and pointy. (Mei likes them curled)

The wings were made by a talented artist. I have drilled holes into Mei’s back and inserted brass tubes inside. I also put a slightly smaller brass tube onto the ends of the wings so that they can be slid inside of the ones in her back to secure the wings. This way the wings can be easily changed or not worn.

Mei will be shipped without her wings on so they don’t get damaged in transit. I will also send her with a bit of clear wax that can be put at the top of the wing tube before putting them into her back which will make sure that they don’t rotate or move around while she is being played with. Mei anxiously looks forward to exploring a new home

Mei’s measurements








CHEST 15.5cm

WAIST 11cm

HIP 17cm

Custom 1/3 SD ResinSoul AI ball jointed doll complete with body blushing, faceup and outfit [SOLD]

Custom 1/3 SD ResinSoul AI ball jointed doll

complete with body blushing, faceup and one of a kind custom made outfit


This is a ResinSoul normal skin Ai horned and hooved beauty.

I have given her a faceup and airbrushed her lower body, her upper body has been blushed.

The doll was sealed before and after the painting with MSC.

I have created this one of a kind outfit especially for Ai.

Made from 100% leather her dress has been handstitched to look like she perched herself in the wood and stitched it herself.

The dress laces up at the back bust as well as the sides to allow for a varied fit, if you choose to use this outfit on another doll. Sturdy leather arm guards lace from wrist to elbow and a garter of tied leathers hangs at her knee.

Her necklace is made with a healing crystal and feathers for a great finish to this all natural outfit.

Ai is pictured in a few different wigs to show her great versatality in many looks. She will come to you with a random wig and random pair of eyes.

I am not a pro when it comes to faceups and body blushing but am very happy with how Ai turned out.

Her faceup does have a small scratch on one eyelid and a smear in the body blushing at the base of the chest, neither of these flaws are noticable unless you look for them.

I would love to keep Ai but if I want to keep painting new dolls, the ones I finish have to find homes!

Thanks for stopping by to have a look

Resin Soul 1/3 girl AI








CHEST 22.5cm

WAIST 15.5cm

HIP 24cm