Weirdness happens in 3’s or is that 20’s?

It’s been a busy time here over the past few months in the studio.

I worked like mad to get ready for the Modern Doll Collectors Convention in New Orleans on top off all my other work so lack of sleep and dehydration (I tend to obsess when I have deadlines) made for a crazy trip. All in all I got all the work done and Stella and I  headed for the airport. It was a 2 plane tripper and go figure both planes had mechanical issues and were forced to de-board after sitting at the gates waiting to be repaired. I was actually happy I had a 2 hour layover at each stop this trip with the unexpected delays for maintenance.

Long story short, the whole trip was weirdness after weirdness but It was awesome to see some of my dolly friends and collectors and of course New Orleans was amazing! I definately need to see it again for a week without work.

I’m happy to be back in the studio again and needed to spend the week organizing and getting back to normal.

Stella’s handmade leather Oxfords and knee high boots have all been shipped, and I’m finishing up making all the Ethan and Ethel shoes.

Next week I am working solely on Ethan and Ethel orders, by the 15th they will all me on the way to new homes. I also have some great clothes that will be up on my etsy shop.

The next preorder is almost ready for the Sprite Nola. I was planning on having that done last weekend but decided she needed one more special thing added so I have been busy making that for the photos. Sprite Nola will be offered in a limited number of 20 Winter Blush resin and 10 Desert Sand resin. She will be fullset only. No blanks will be offered in this preorder.


What’s coming after Ethan and Ethel are delivered?

Some time ago I started the sculpt for Stella’s new friend Lizzy, I am anxious to get back to her. I plan to have a preorder ready for her by the end of November.

I very rarely take days off BUT I think the studio will be closed mid December to mid January, at least thats the plan 🙂

Big dolly HUGS everyone!