*DAISY* custom ResinSoul Ju MSD BJD [SOLD]

This wonderful little girl is a Resin Soul Ju sculpt msd

Daisy is full of character, a bit stubborn and bossy telling me all the way her mind and sassy opinions 🙂

With a cute freckled face, dyed and styled wool wig as well as glass eyes.

Keep an eye on her progress. Body blushing comes up next …and of course more lovely freckles in all the right places

Finally after about a million and two tiny little freckles Daisy’s body is all done and attached once again to her head

And here is this sweet little Daisy all finished up! She has a cute little country romper with a removable apron, striped thigh highs and grey ankle socks.  Her whole outfit has been tea dyed for the wonderful antiqued look I love.

Daisy also comes with her pal  Bitz who also has a well loved look.  My wonderful husband made miniature seed packets to slip into Daisy’s apron pocket.

2 thoughts on “*DAISY* custom ResinSoul Ju MSD BJD [SOLD]”

    1. Thank you so much Elena for your comment.
      Ounce by ounce these sweet little girls are tenderly filled up with love before they are sent off to their new homes.
      It is wonderful to see their souls come alive from a blank slate.
      Each one is a true blessing 🙂

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