Tattooed “RHEA” custom ResinSoul Li MSD BJD [SOLD]

Jan 28. 2011:
Hello, doll lovers!  I wanted to share with you my newest project,  her name is Rhea. Rhea is a Resin Soul “Li” (msd) in normal skin. For some time now, I have wanted to do a full tattoo on a special doll.  Not to mention the promptings of a certain wonderful customer and dolly friend 🙂

Jan 30, 2011:
A couple of days into the project and Rhea is coming to life.  Her tattoo is done completely freehand, and so far she has the basics.  Next I will do some large tattoos on her legs and feet, then on to her very special sweet face. Once she has the bulk of the tattoo work finished I’ll add more details and she will get an all over powdering to tone the lines down and then a complete faceup and body blushing. Of course as with all my dolls all the work will be sealed with 8-10 coats of MSC ensuring the work is well protected. Rhea , hasn’t yet let me know what she wants as far as a wig, which will more than likely be custom. She will be dressed minimally in a harem type outfit so the artwork won’t be completely covered. As soon as I have the tattoos finished (hopefully just a couple days) I will post an update so be sure to keep an eye out for her progress.

Feb 2, 2011:
Rhea now has her legs and feet as well as her body blushing. Her tattoos have been toned down so they look more natural.  She has been blushed everywhere you would expect her human counterpart to be for more realism, fingers , palms, buttocks, breasts, collarbone, belly etc. Ready now for a manicure and her faceup 🙂

( time passes … )
Rhea’s faceup is finished and she has been given a silky, flowing dancing skirt with a beaded chainmaille belt and matching chest adornment. A little more work on her wig and a manicure and pedicure and she is ready to dance for you 🙂

( sometime later .. and finally! )

Here she is “Rhea” all finished up and ready to dance her way into your heart.

I hope you enjoy her as much as I did creating her 🙂

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