Blank or Nude Lizzy

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Introducing Lizzy my newest doll. 


This super cute girl is 41cm tall (16 inches) and shares the same body as my previous doll Stella, so her clothes and shoes can also be shared. Lizzy has 18 points of articulation for tons of fun poses.




This resin is my own mix with beautiful quality and depth in the color medium Latte. I have also added a UV protector to the mix.


Lizzie wears 20mm eyes and an 11 inch wig 


Each doll will come with :



*random color eyes (if you have a preference send me a note)

*leather sueded neck joint

*custom padded bag

*certificate of authenticity


FREE shipping in Canada and the United States, deeply discounted shipping everywhere else


Shipping in about 6-8 weeks


****This doll is made with a faceplate and head back so that any future dolls by CreamSoda BJD in this size can be purchased as faces without the whole body.

The color that Lizzy is cast in for this preorder does not match the previous Stella bodies so I won't be selling just heads at this time until I have time to test and color match the Chinese resin that Stella was previously cast in.




Height 41cm/15.75"

Chest width 4cm/1.6"

waist circ (at joint) 10.5cm/4.1"

Hip width 6.8cm/2.7"

Hips 7cm/2.8"

neck to shoulder 2cm/0.8"

Shoulder to wrist 10cm/3.9"

Crotch to floor 17cm/6.7"

shoulder width 6.5cm/2.6"

Shoulder to waist 6.5cm/2.6"

Shoulder to heel 28cm/11"

Shoulder to crotch 10.5cm/4.1"

Shoulder to elbow 5cm/2"

elbow to wrist 5cm/2"

thigh to knee 6cm/2.4"

knee 2cm/0.8"

lower knee to ankle 7cm/2.8"

ankle to heel 2cm/0.8"

hand width 2cm/0.8"

hand length 3cm/1.2"

Head circ. 27.9cm/11"

Eye size 20mm 

Foot 4cm long x 1.5cm wide