Are you sitting down??

30th Jul 2021

Some of you may have heard that due to the resin shortage in North America I won’t be casting anymore dolls… That’s mostly true.

I won't be doing anymore large dolls, anything over 8 inches tall in an effort too make my remaining resin last as long as possible.

Right now suppliers are still guessing when materials might be available again and think it may be possible in 4 to 8 months.

There is information on the shortages below is you are interested in reading more.


Plastics plants are still recovering from the winter freeze that struck the Gulf Coast and it's leading to rising prices and a shortage of materials for everything from homes and cars, to smartphones and face masks, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Winter Storm Uri, which struck Texas in mid February, devastated the state.The storm's impact is reaching the country and globe now, as many petrochemical plants in the state struggle to re-open, compounding shortages already created by the 2020 hurricane season, WSJ said.

The freeze in Texas, which is one of largest exporters of plastics and other petrochemical products, caused production of 75% of polyethylene, 62% of polypropylene, and 57% of PVC to shut, reopening the plants is a painstaking and dangerous process that takes more than the flip of a switch.Prices for polyethylene and polypropylene saw their biggest jump in 10 years, and they likely won't ease until closer to the end of the year, which in turn means higher costs for consumers.

So there you have it. I am listing my last few big dolls in the shop this week and a new batch of Tomcats and Ginger Kittens and then I will be taking some time away from casting to work on my new small sculpts while I wait for the world to return to normal.....

However long that may take I have no idea. You will see me resurface now and again with kitties and wigs and the likes because I still need to feed my growing family of street dogs....and me too 

Love and HUGS, always