Fresh start!

Fresh start!

14th May 2019

So much has been going on in the studio over the past month, it's NUTS here!

The biggest news is Lizzy and I shared a birthday and party, guaranteed I ate way more cake than she did!

Lizzy is up on preorder now, ending at the end of May.

Now that I do all my own casting in house I expect to start shipping in 6-8 weeks after the preorder ends.

Lizzy and Stella share the same body which has a new revision. 

I have changed the head and headcap setup to be a head back and faceplate.

I did this for a couple reasons, it is much easier to change out eyes, and we like to do that :)

The other thing is with so many collectors running out of space in doll display areas this will mean that instead of having several whole dolls displayed you can have 1 body and several different faces that you change out to save space and money.Of course you always still have the option to purchase a complete doll as well.

Here's what it looks like:

All that and a new store and blog as well.

I am phasing out my Etsy shop because I am tired of big fees. When I started with the selling platforms 10 years ago the fees were non existant compared to what they are now.

I decided to just say least for now

So thanks for keeping up to my happenings and following my work. you will be seeing much more of me and my blogs I hope now that I have everything in one spot, or will shortly

In the next couple weeks I will be adding new tibetan/mohair to my shop as well as many more shoes and clothes for the whole crew

See ya soon!