Studio update!

Studio update!

Posted by Rhonda on 12th Jul 2019


Well, disaster averted! I have had a very challenging month or 2 with the biggest issue being not having power in the studio.  

I made the big decision for a much needed upgrade to my off grid solar system which was better than 15 years old and not running very efficiently. After hiring a company and paying for the job I realized that I knew more about solar than they did which isn't much. So I cut my losses and fired the guys, bought some parts on Amazon and did the work myself!

I get asked a lot "what can't you do?"

Can't really answer that because I haven't tried everything ...YET. These days with all the great videos on Youtube I think it really helps us all to be able to do things we wouldn't have tried otherwise. After watching videos a thousand times I usually have the confidence to do whatever needs to be done.

Thank goodness and thanks to all the peeps that take the time to upload videos and tutorials.

I now have power again. It's not beautiful but works great. 

For those that aren't aware, I live in Mexico off the beaten path and because of that I have no conventional power service. My studio and my house all run off solar panels and batteries. Which I love!

There is a lot to be said for being self sufficient and having no power bills.

So that being said my work got a bit more behind than I would have liked but I have shipped the first Lizzy's out and have the last of the girls on my faceup table for lashes now. This week I will finish drilling holes in the body parts and stringing and should be shipping by the end of next week

ALSO coming soon my new boot designs for Lizzy and Stella. I love these custom dyed boots and she does too!