Blue on brown Anthill "Kickers" for Stella by CreamSoda BJD OOAK

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I caught Stella in the back yard the other day kickin' the crap out of a giant ant hill in her favorite worn out boots. We have decided to share them with all the rest of the CreamSoda Kids out there. So here they are Stella's "KICKERS"

She says they have just the perfect toe for diggin stuff up!

Our girls love kicked around boots so here's some more. These beauties go great with pretty much everything and have the perfect amount of "worn" look.


I have hand dyed this reclaimed leather. The veins in this leather have been dyed a pretty blue and a transparent brown dye applied over top. After dying the leather was cut, sewn and fit to Stella's/Lizzy's foot. The tiny details were added and all finished off with some extra distressing for a more vintage look.

You will love these boots and your girls will too!

This is a one of a kind pair. Only 1 available

These are designed especially for Stella & Lizzy by CreamSoda BJD but can be used with dolls of a similar sized foot.


These come with their own special shoebox also made here in the studio


Please note because I reclaim all my leather from very well used chairs here in Mexico the colors may vary slightly from pair to pair but the design will be the same.

Because our footwear is custom dyed we always suggest using socks on your doll in case of color transfer. I have done several tests and no transfer ever occurs but best to be safe.


I plan on shipping these between July25 and 31


* Stella's foot is 3.9cm long x 1.6cm wide


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