EZ Feet ~ (style) Maryanne

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Style name~ MARYANNE

Collectable magnetic shoe feet to fit Amelia by CreamSoda BJD

Each set of EZ Feet shoes comes with a pair of coordinating footless socks and a transparent lid shoe box so you can see what's inside.


You can choose either grey or white as the sock color, they can also be worn without the footless leg sock so they look like she is wearing ankle socks. Sorry no photos of the white sock option yet.


New styles will be released monthly and discontinued regularly, start your collection now!

Now you can change shoes with ease with EZ Feet.

Just click on and off, no messing with laces or wasting money on shoes that don't fit.

Ez Feet are sculpted here in the studio, then I make molds and cast them in resin. After that they are ready for painting, shading and several coats of sealer.

I suggest you store them in the little shoe box they arrive in when not being worn. Painted resin will scratch and mark up if they are rolling around loose in a drawer.