Fantasy colors 5OZ scrap bag

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IT's my birthday and to celebrate I am offering FREE SHIPPING on everything in the store for the whole month of May (Canada and the US),reduced costs to everywhere else,  stock up now! 



This is a 5 ounce GRAB BAG lot of Tibetan Lamb fur. 

This is a mixed colors bag. 


The pieces range from very small to long and narrow to about 16 square inches but are not consistent in size from piece to piece or bag to bag. 



These are scraps leftover from cutting my premium pieces so the quality will vary though I am sure you will be happy with the fur.


The main photo will give you an idea of how much fur is in 4 ounces. You will be getting 5 ounces. They will come to you in a 7x10 inch ziplock bag. This photo does not depict the exact mixture you will receive.

The second and third photos show the colors that are available in these latest batches.


These scraps are ideal for those of you making ooak dolls and figures with glued on hair that will be removed from the backing. Some of the pieces will be big enough to make small sewn wigs from, leaving the hair on the hide.

If you are making replacement Troll hair this lot will make a ton of those.



On arrival fur will likely need to be primped to rejuvenate curls. Lightly mist with a water spray bottle and gently scrunch fur with hands.


Feel free to ask any questions, I'm always happy to answer.


***Please keep in mind that our items are shipping from Mexico via DHL to the US and then on to our customers from there in an effort to keep shipping costs down and guaranteeing your order arrives safely. Generally shipping to the US takes about 2-3 weeks. All items are shipped with tracking numbers.

Fur pieces are flat rate shipping so take advantage and stock up for no extra shipping cost!