Handmade leather Pixie Sandals for Stella by CreamSoda BJD short preorder

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Here they are! You guys have been asking for more shoe designs for Stella and she LOVES pointy toed designs so here's a new one!



These are designed especially for Stella by CreamSoda BJD but can be used with dolls of a similar sized foot.


These come with their own special shoebox also made here in the studio


Please note because I reclaim all my leather from very well used chairs here in Mexico the colors may vary slightly from pair to pair but the design will be the same.


I will be making these as I get the orders and limiting them to 12 pairs at a time so I can keep my work manageable. They will ship within 2 weeks of receiving your order


* Stella's foot is 3.9cm long x 1.6cm wide


I am working on more shoe designs to come in the next week or 2!