Lizzy one of a kind Elf and human set

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Lizzy is 41cm tall (16 inches) and shares the same body as my previous doll Stella, so her clothes and shoes can also be shared. Lizzy has 18 points of articulation for tons of fun poses.

Two different dolls in one!


  • Lizzy in Light Latte resin with 2 magnetic faceplates (original eye and elf as shown in photos)
  • one of a kind dress set- tights, armwarmers, layered dress, handmade and painted shoes
  • natural wig
  • 2 pairs eyes as shown
  • custom padded doll bag
  • certificate of authenticity


Includes shipping from my studio in Mexico. She is in stock and ready to ship!

Everything including the doll is artist made right here in studio.