OOAK Hilo - fullset Ozark Huckle clan

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Hilo is of the Huckle clan with curious birdlike features and characteristics

This Hilo is a one of a kind of and ready to ship. 

Fullset as shown with bird feet

Huckles - with animal like features these are the most gentle of the three Ozark clans. With hearts of gold, these naturally curious Peace makers can be a bit clingy, wanting to be “a Best Buddy”!  Perhaps front of the line for grand imagination


About 7 inches tall with magnetic hands and snap on feet

Hilo comes with:


  • magnetic Huckle hands
  • bird feet 
  • outfit as shown
  • Elvishly handsewn outfit as shown
  • Feather plume
  • random eyes (12-14mm)
  • custom doll bag
  • COA

Shipping to Canada and the US free

Everywhere else $40