OOAK Summer Fields Dress and shoe set for Ethel by CreamSoda BJD yosd one of a kind

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OOAK Summer Fields dress set with shoes for Ethel by CreamSoda BJD

Set includes:


Artist designed and made quality cotton dress with collar, tights and hair bow. 

Coordinating shoes also included made especially for Ethel but will fit other dolls of similar yosd size


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Ethel's measurements


Height 25cm/10"

Chest 14cm/5.5"

Waist 14.5cm/5.7"

Hips 17cm/6.6"

Shoulder to wrist 6.7cm/2.6"

Crotch to floor 7.5cm/3"

Shoulder to crotch 9.5cm/3.7"

Head circ. 23cm/9"

Eye size 18mm

Foot 3.4cm long x 1.5cm wide




Does not come with a doll