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Puddle Jumper Amelia comes with an outfit that I designed as separates so it can be worn all together or just with the pieces that tickle her fancy for the day.

I'm also introducing a new EZ Feet© style with her outfit, Puddle Jumpers her trusty rubber boots capable of leaping the most giant of all puddles...almost.

Puddle Jumpers are actually the very first pair of EZ Feet© I sculpted and they have been sitting on my worktable waiting for just the right moment to debut.

She will also have a choice of wig color Silver Fox or Autumn Reds. Both are custom dyed wigs and limited to 5 each. As usual I will be doing all the casting and finishing here in studio and expect to be shipping Puddle Jumper Amelia in 3-4 weeks

In many photos Amelia is shown with her pant legs rolled up so she can jump all the slimy puddle dwellers without getting caught...or wet. But they can also be worn down and come just short of the tops of her boots



Artist cast Amelia doll 

Artist faceup

natural wool wig (choose color)

1 pair random color eyes

Puddle Jumper outfit set with hat (as shown)

1 pair footed socks

1 pair footless socks for EZ shoes

1 pair magnetic barefeet

1 pair of EZ Feet collectable shoes (style name- Puddle Jumpers)

custom padded doll bag

certificate of authenticity


Don't forget to choose if you would like freckles and also the wig color. 

I will style your wig in braids with cut bangs unless you note that you would like it left unstyled.

Amelia is my newest head and body sculpt full of character and soul, she is 15 inches tall with 20 points of articulation.

FREE SHIPPING to US and Canada $45 elsewhere(actual cost to me is $85)


She will stand on her own and can sit hugging her knees, made possible with her double jointed thighs, knees and elbows as well as a slouch lock in her torso.

Please check my other ads for collectable magnetic EZ Feet for Amelia.

I will release new styles every month in many colors and designs as well as discontinue styles.


Amelia wears 18mm eyes and 8-9 wigs. She can wear most yosd dresses though some may be short for her long legs. She does share wigs and eyes with Ethan & Ethel.

She can also wear most yosd factory shoes on her magnetic barefeet they are 4cmX1.5cm