Sneakin' boots for Stella and Lizzy BJD artist made in studio

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This great new shoe design comes straight from my studio to you! Stella's new "Sneakin" boots.


Please choose the color style you would like.


Sneakin' Boots are fully lined in a coordinating color so they can be left open or turned down at the top for an extra sassy look. The girls are all about sassy!


Each pair is cut and made one at a time so you may notice slight variations in the prints depending where on the fabric it was cut.

I also make the little shoeboxes that these little treasures will come home in.


Quality cottons, leather soles and lots of time and love go into these shoes made especially for Stella and Lizzy by CreamSoda BJD.


Stella's foot is 4cm long x 1.7cm wide. 


I'm sure lots of other dolls with similar foot sizes will also love these shoes, after all who can't use a pair or 6 of sneakin' boots in the closet??


I designed these to fit snug on Stella so they fit nicely around her ankle and foot. To put them on slide the whole front foot into the boot then pull up the back of the boot. tie as you like. I have left the laces extra long so they can be passed around the back and tied at the front again.