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Meet Bethany, my newest sculpt.

She is 10.5 inches tall and comes in my Beachsand color resin.

Please remember to choose the options you would like ~ ear type, Freckle preference, outfit and wig style.

I will be offering extra wigs and clothes for Bethany as I can, check for other listings in the shop.


Choice of outfit>

  • * A* charcoal tights, Tshirt, hat and shoes
  • * B* mauve bloomers, Tshirt, hair bow and shoes

Choice of wig style >

  1. blonde tame ponytails
  2. blonde spikey top cut with pixie braids

All dolls include random eyes, COA and protective doll wrap

::::Felted kitty and pink shorts are not included::::


SHIPPING IN 4 TO 8 WEEKS depending on my workload as I do all casting and finishing, start to finish here in my studio.

Measurements in inches

Height  10.5

chest    5

waist    5.25

hips      7.5

head circ.  6.25

crotch to floor  4.25

shoulder to wrist  4

waist to floor  6.25

foot 3.5cm long x 1.5cm wide

wig size 6/7, eyes 12-14mm