Tess -One of a Kind fullset Nola with custom stand CreamSoda BJD tiny artist doll ball jointed doll

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Tess, my Nola 8 inch sculpt. Big sister Stella has done Tess's hair today, she says all the important movie stars are wearing their hair this way. Of course Tess believes anything Stella tells her. She's just happy to have the most amazing big sister EVER!

I won't be doing anymore Nolas for probably about a year when I get all my other projects caught up. If you've been wanting a Nola better grab her up now!

Tess comes to you in a sweet dress set with panties, socks, shoes and her little purse. 

She will also comes the custom drawer stand shown to keep her special treasures tucked away in.

On her stand she is about 11 inches tall and the stand is 3.5 inches wide, small enough to keep on your desk or take along to dolly luncheons.


In stock and will ship within 1 week of purchasing give or take a few days.