SOLD OUT URFF - fullset Oork clan

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Urff is of the Oork clan. 

Its an Oork tradition to name the new baby whatever the first word out of its mouth is. Urff happened to have a very bad case of gas when his name came to light, and the proud parents wrote it forever in stone.


About 7 inches tall with magnetic hands and snap on feet

Urff comes with:


  • magnetic Oork hands
  • snap on Oork feet
  • snap on human feet yosd size for factory shoes
  • handsewn overalls
  • random eyes (10 or 12mm)
  • custom doll wrap
  • COA

**shown with a painted torso but comes in eirher unpainted Beachsand resin or dyed resin color burgundy similar to the photo 

****Walking stick sold separately

Aprox shipping date: 2 weeks

Shipping to Canada and the US free

Everywhere else $40

***Layaways available in 2 parts, if you would like to set one up please contact me for manual invoicing