FULLSET WeeBitz Preorder/shortorder Oct 9-23

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Welcome to the ever evolving story of Weebitz. Where you are invited to look into the amazing realm of these magical forest characters.

I am offering several options for this shortorder. 

I expect to be shipping your dolls in 3-6 weeks depending on my workload as I do all my own casting and finishing here in my studio.


Fullset includes an artist cast 8"or 20cm tall Weebitz body with magnetic hands, magnetic barefeet, EZFeet magnetic shoes in style "Pathfinders", 1 faceplate of your choice, artist faceup, outfit(shorts, dress,embroidered apron), fabric socks for the barefeet, random eyes, tibetan wig, custom travel bag, COA

***does not include a hat


There are currently 3 faceplates to choose from and I will be regularly offering new ones as well as new shoes(magnetic EZFeet). Faceplates are easy to change and will not fall off.

Intro pricing for extra faceplates is $85 painted. Regular price will be $115 each. Only for this order period.

More about the characters: Faceplates

Ivy: a sweetheart, she finds beauty and interest in everything around her

Fauna: Ever clumsy, things just never seem to go as she had planned.

Hence her expression of "Seriously?"

Flora: Always happy and making up new songs and games for the group.


All options for extra accessories and faces are in a seperate listing in my shop so they can be added to your cart at the same time if you like.

The resin Petunia hats are an option and will be limited to 10 as they take me about 4 hours to paint.


Extra bodies: Incase you prefer to have all the faceplates in action at once. Bodies come with magnetic barefeet only, no shoes


Extra Pathfinder EZFeet are also an option and can be painted in whatever color you like, just leave me a note on preference.


LAYAWAYS: Yes I offer them on 2 or 3 parts with the first part due at the time of order. Please contact me and I will send a Paypal invoice.

Shipping is free to Canada and the United States, everywhere else is $45, actual shipping costs me $85. I ship via DHL Express so delivery is fast even from here in Mexico.