“Sprite” Nola preorder October 12- November 1 /2018


I am very excited about this preorder for Sprite Nola. This little sprite is a combined effort in that I have engaged the help of a single mother of 5 children in my neighborhood to help me with the sculpting and painting of each of Nola’s mushrooms and cute little critter friends. Being a single mother anywhere is not easy and in a poor country it is much more difficult. A portion of every Nola sold will be helping this amazing family.

Each mushroom and bug friend will be sculpted and/or painted by hand, no two will be exactly alike.

I am giving you several options with this preorder, but not offering Nola as a blank doll. Sprite Nola can be ordered as a fullset only.  Her outfit can be ordered separately, and you can purchase both wig options if you like.

Fullset comes with doll, artist faceup, padded doll bag , COA, random colored eyes, custom tibetan wig, sprite outfit with handpainted wings, handmade sprite shoes, mushroom seat and random bug friend.

There will also be an option for you to choose if you would like your mushroom painted in natural colors or fantasy colors ( purple with yellow polka dots or whatever you like)

Layaway is not setup on this page, if you need one please contact me using the contact us form. I can set up a short 2 part layaway.

I will start shipping of Nolas November 25-December 10th. Shipping is not included, I will send out separate invoices when your doll is ready to come home. I estimate $45-75 depending where in the world you live. I ship Fedex from Mexico to the United States and then USPS for the rest of the trip to you. this is the cheapest and safest way to ship from Mexico.

Nola’s measurements

Height: 20.5 cm, 6.7 inches

Eye Size: 12 mm-14 mm

Head Circumference: 14.5/ 5.5 inches

Bust: 7.5 cm around

Waist: 7.5 cm

Hips: 9 cm

crotch to Ankle: 8.5 cm

Waist to Floor: 11.5 cm

Arm Length to Wrist: 5.5 cm

Foot Length: 2.1 cm

Foot Width: 1 cm


Resin color
Wig Color
Mushroom color
What color would you like?

If you choose fantasy colors for your mushroom please tell us what colors you would like to have and we will do our best.

Do you need an extra wig? $15US

Wig color

Only choose these options if you are ordering accessories only and no doll

Mushroom color