Shipping, Returns & Layaway


Layaway Policy


I do offer layaways on my dolls usually 2-3 months. All layaway payments are non refundable and need to be paid in a timely manner


Dolls are not shipped out until all payments have been made.

Returns Policy

Please be aware that we do not accept returns. We are very careful to be sure that our dolls and accessories are well made and hope that you will always love them.


Because our studio is in Mexico it is very expensive to reship items through couriers and the fees in customs are very high, thus returns are just not cost effective. Please be sure of your purchase before making it.

If you have questions or need assistance, please Contact Us 


 Orders over $150 receive free shipping in the US and Canada. Subsidized shipping everywhere else.

We ship every 1-2 weeks from Mexico in group order style via DHL to a representative in the United States who then takes individual parcels to USPS


This is the safest and least expensive way to ship from our Studio here in Mexico.


We can ship all over the world.


Any customs and duty fees are the responsibility of the purchaser