EZ Feet© are here!

EZ Feet© are here!

Posted by Rhonda on 15th Mar 2020

For a while now I've been working at developing a great new addition to my ball jointed dolls. This week I released the first of the EZ Feet© collectable magnetic shoes.

After being involved in the doll world as an artist for the past 14 years I've noticed a constant issue for collectors. The problem being finding a suitable color and style variety to keep us and our dolls all happy. 

EZ Feet© are my answer to this. Through my earlier years of making art dolls I always loved sculpting clothes and footwear so here I have taken it one step further to make removable magnetic sculpts in the form of different shoe designs.

I have released 5 different shoe styles and will be discontinuing and adding new styles regularly to keep them collectable. So far I have 20 more styles waiting to be released.

As with all of my dolls and creations for them, EZ Feet© are sculpted, cast and finished here in my studio giving me the chance to do more customization for collectors.

No more messing with laces, searching endlessly, or loosing money paying for improperly fitting shoes.

Currently EZ Feet© are only available for my latest doll, Amelia but I hope to start sculpting shoes for other dolls soon.

EZ Feet© collectable magnetic shoes will put the joy back into shoe shopping!

You can find EZ Feet© here