WeeBitz 's are delivering!

WeeBitz 's are delivering!

26th Dec 2020

The first preorder for my new line of elvish garden characters was a success and they arriving now in new adoptive homes. There are just a few orders left that I couldn't manage to get shipped out before the holidays but they will be bouncing, bounding and sliding on their way shortly.

If you are only just beginning to see the WeeBitz now in posts and missed the first shortorder for them, no worries, I will be offering another limited order period on January 6th 2021 . I am now designing a new fullset for this next order period.

I expect to start delivery of the new dolls within 3 to 4 weeks after the preorder closes.

Check out this great unboxing video of Ivy from Munencas, poupees and dolls

WeeBitz unboxing on Youtube