What the heck is an Ozark?

What the heck is an Ozark?

6th Oct 2021

Welcome to the wonderfully colorful world of Ozarks, my new doll line. You can find them in the shop HERE

I have been very busy sculpting while waiting for the resin supply to trickle back in.

So far, ready to be released out into the world there are 5 new elvish trolls coming from 3 different clans

I have fallen in love with them all and the wonderful characters they are, and hope you will too.


Small enough to travel
Make them all your own
Parts to piece together
Imaginations roam

Beneath a Bridge
Atop a Hill
Forest Deep
A Water Spill

Oorks, Neebs & Huckles
all of such abound
Pick a Clan
Decide on Who
Such special Travellers
are to You


Oorks - strong minded, self centred, outspoken, rude at times, confident. Oorks can often look a bit scary, but really it's all just an act. Often they have a tendency to say what they think, sometimes in a good way, sometimes in need of censoring. 



Neebs - elf like, hard workers, observers and explorers. Most stable of the Ozark Clan but sometimes wanting to be more Oork-like. Content to be middle of the road in personalities & traits. A close clan to the Oorks but tend to be a bit more cheery.


Huckles - with animal like features these are the most gentle of the three Ozark clans. With hearts of gold, these naturally curious Peace makers can be a bit clingy, wanting to be “a Best Buddy”! Perhaps front of the line for grand imagination

Hyacinth                          HILO

Ozark measurements:

complete doll with head :   6.75-7.5 inches (18cm) depending on head sculpt

base of neck to ankles:      5.25 inches (13cm)

shoulder to crotch:             1.5 inches (4cm)

across shoulders:              1.4 inches  3.5cm

around chest:                     2.5 inches (5cm)

around waist:                     2.75 inches (7cm)

around hips:                       4.25 inches (10.5cm)

crotch to ankles:                 3.25 inches (8cm)