Natural Tibetan wigs for Amelia 8-9" one of a kind

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Food and ponies are Amelia's favorite things! So when it comes to her hairstyles you can bet there's going to be one of the 2 involved.

Amelia says if she can't have a pony....OK she'll have a biscuit!


Each wig is one of a kind I plan to make more each week as I have time.

Fur is washed dyed washed again and conditioned twice. After this I make a pattern especially to fit Amelia's head and cut and sew her new wig, a little chop, chop, snip to give it some style and it's ready for her cute little head. Each wig is  one of a kind and can be styled with regular human hair products


Please choose the style you would like. If you have ordered Amelia I can put the wig with her to ship at the same time otherwise there will be shipping added.